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While looking for children’s ps4 games, there is plenty of thinking that needs to be put through in the process. Children can be very picky and they can get bored of video games easily. At the same time, you have to select games that are challenging, adventurous and also designed to encourage cognitive growth for children. So this list of ps4 games for kids will direct you to make the right choice even if you are looking forward to a Lego set, old-school, music, creative or action game. Check out the best ps4 games for children by age group if you want to be more particular about the age group.

Game Name Game Type Suitable for kids (AGE) Check Price on Amazon
Rayman Legends 3D Battle Game for Families 7+ Check Price
Lego Worlds LEGO block building Everyone 10+ Check Price
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Action and Adventure Everyone 10+ Check Price
Little Big Planet 3 Creativity and Fun Everyone 10+ Check Price
Lego Marvel Heroes 2 Arcade-style Gaming Everyone 10+ Check Price
Hasbro Family Fun Pack Family Board Game 12+ Check Price
Knack Action and Adventure Everyone 10+ Check Price
Guitar Hero Live Music Video Game Teen Adolescents Check Price

The Best Play Station 4 [PS4] Games for Kids [New List 2021]

1. Best game PS4 Game for families : Rayman Legends

You have to look for one that will excite your kids as much as the 65-year-olds in the house if you are looking for the best ps4 games for kids or the whole family. This is where the colorful, amusing and imaginative Rayman legends of Ubisoft fits the entire family perfectly. In the popular Rayman series, this is the fifth edition which follows the path of old-school platformers such as Super Mario Bros, with some unmatched lively energy at the same time.

best ps4 games for kids - rayman legendsbest ps4 games for kids – rayman legends
ps4 games for kids - Rayman Legends

During the game, you can collect various objects and characters and they can be considered re-playable just to explore new elements of the gaming experience. In addition, “Rayman legends” comes with some bright colors and a distinctive level style that serves as a cake icing.

“To match the musical levels where your movements are correctly paced, you have to play this game to match the covers of hit songs such as “Black Betty” and “Eye of the Tiger”. “Rayman legends” is the Pixar of the PS4 and serves children of all ages with the greatest entertainment value.

2. Best PS4 Lego game : Lego worlds

LEGO Worlds allows your child with the best opportunities to explore the various galaxies made of LEGOS. It offers an open world environment game which facilitates your child players to control and change the visited planets by bringing the various Lego blocks and models into existence.
ps4 games for kids, lego worldsps4 games for kids, lego worlds
Rayman Legends

JLEGO Worlds, like the MineCraft, allows one brick at a time to create any form or model. When interacting with the players, all creatures and artifacts generated with the Legos come with their own mind. All the players, while riding in helicopters, dragons, gorillas and even motorbikes, will explore the world they have created with Legos.

3. Best Comeback Game: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

This game is the ideal option for all players on the Old School Play station and features some of the most sophisticated graphics and animations in this new iteration of Crash bandicoot. The three games-in-one that include the new versions of Crash bandicoot, Crash bandicoot 2 and Crash bandicoot warped games are a great mix.

ps4 games for kids, crash bandicootes.

best ps4 games for kids – bandicoot
Rayman Legends

This game offers loads of gameplay with more than 100 levels and two playable characters. You will find time trial, various modes and leadership boards to ascertain your position in the competition. It rightly suits all the kids who would like to have a taste of the old school bandicoot adventures.

4. Best Game for Creative Kids: Little Big Planet 3

This is one of the most successful children’s PS4 games, which is widely recognized and rewarded for its innovative game play and imaginative content. Little Big Planet 3 begins with video clips of children from the real world who begin to see the numerous stickers, costumes, characters and collectibles surrounding them throughout the world.

little big planet 3best ps4 games for kids – little big planet 3
Rayman Legends

The game is customizable during its amazing platformer adventure and the players can really design their own levels by using various stickers and characters.

5. Best Arcade style: Lego Marvel Heroes 2

Most Lego console-compatible games fit people of all ages correctly, and Lego has continued to introduce better and more exciting inventions in the same context. Marvel Heroes 2 is a step forward in the same direction that, combined with a nostalgic franchisee, is full of old-style strategic game plays.

best ps4 games for kidsbest ps4 games for kids – super heroes
marvel super heroes

You’re going to be playing Galaxy Protector, Black Panther, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Dr Strange, Captain Marvel, and some of the Marvel Universe franchisee’s other characters. All the fun adventures, time traveling expeditions, you can play in the world of chronopolis, where you can play as a hero or the villain. You’d also be visiting different locations like the future of Egypt, the Old West and NYC, and if you’re anyone who is a fan of Marvel, this one’s specially made for you.

6. Best Nostalgia Game: Hasbro Family fun pack

family fun packps4 games for kids
family fun pack

Looking for ps4 for a fun family game? If you want to bring back those old memories of family game night, the Hasbro Family Fun Pack will be the right PS4 game. This will certainly make your kids turn away from their TV routine and pay attention to all the long-running Hasbro series packed with fun. Scrabble, trivial pursuit, Danger and Monopoly are included in the recent PS4 edition. All of the games are available in their interactive versions and you have to monitor the cash and the pieces in the process if you want to get a physical version of the monopoly.

7. Best action game: Knack

Knack is one of the PS4’s most popular action games that enables players to take control of a knack called Robot that was built to neutralize the threat posed by the Goblin over the peaceful territory. The game, along with its co-op option, garnered attention for its family-friendly aesthetics. It will pull most of the children who are only going into the higher-level games for adults from larger-than-life characters before the frightening adventures.

Knackps4 games for kids


8. Best Music game: Guitar Hero live 

Guitar hero live is a music video game where the main aim is to play the guitar whilst using a guitar controller in order to match the fret patterns displayed on the screen in time with the music. It’s kind of a reboot of the “Guitar Hero” Franchisee and the players can use the guitar controller and its added features to match the notes displayed on the scrolling screen of feed patterns. Notes may be held or sustained for some moments and this is the time when the players can alter their held’s note pitch to change the overall effect.


ps4 games for kids - guitar hero for kidsps4 games for kids

ps4 games for kids -guitar hero

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