In the game World of Warcraft, gold serves as the main currency that makes you worth nothing without it. Players who complete a variety of quests in the game earn in-game currency known as WoW gold and other tangible rewards, however most items cost a pretty penny, so it can be quite challenging to accumulate the right amount of gold to upgrade your weapons or equipment. In order to help you, we have compiled a ten-step tutorial for you to get rich in WoW and are ready to share all the tips with you.

1. Choose gathering professions

In WoW, players can gain professions that enable them to mine resources and produce goods. Both can be auctioned off and paid with money. Crafting is something where you can make a lot of money without needing to spend a lot of time. This way you can mine mats that are used by other players. Some of the best professions for gathering include skinning, herbalism, mining and casting spells (for spraying). Fishing and cooking are worth considering as well, although both of these professions are not regarded as core ones. After upgrading, you may also replace them with blacksmithing, tannery or jewelry making.

2. Get to Outland

Due to the high cost of flying animals, Blizzard have designed Outland so that your amount of gold increases manifold. As soon as you enter these lands, go ahead and start mining elemental particles. These are needed to create the primordial elements that are used to produce armor and other items in the Burning Crusade addons.

3. Participate in quests

This is the easiest and most affordable way to earn gold from the first minutes of the game. Completing quests gives you money or other items that can be sold in an auction. On levels beyond 70 it becomes possible to complete daily quests, i.e. the ones that can be done over and over again, unlike the usual onetime assignments. However, you can’t earn much money from these quests, but this variant is suitable for those who have recently started playing WoW.

4. Take advantage of rare items’ sale

Always buy items, especially craft recipes, that are in limited supply and sell them at an inflated price. Instead of purchasing new pieces at the auction, you can go to a dungeon to obtain new armor, complete quests and accumulate lots of gold beforehand.

5. Gold purchasing

An alternative option available to players of all levels is also buying gold in order to upgrade your character. WoW gold is purchased not only by beginner players, but also by more experienced ones. Purchasing World of Warcraft Gold helps you speed up your character’s development as well. This is especially useful if you can’t dedicate all your free time to earning gold, but still want to play.

6. Improve your gear

Instead of completing every quest in Outland, take a trip to the dungeons so that to improve your gear, get a good amount of money and save your quests for the future, resulting in completing them at level 70, when your reward will be up to 12 gold instead of 2. This is very lucrative, especially if you have not completed the quests in the high-level zones. In one such zone, you can earn around 1,000 gold.

7. Participate in an auction

It’s worth going to the dungeons and collecting Greed’s loot, to be sold at auction. Be sure to get the jewels for 3 gold if you have them as wealthier characters may buy them up while being in a hurry.

8. Upgrade your character

Your movement speed is the main feature that can help you get rich faster. Most enemies literally get killed simply in one or two hits, while bosses typically take less than fifteen seconds of actual combat. Therefore the main aim is to go from one boss to the next as quickly as possible, since they drop most of the gold and saleable items which you can take for free.

9. Loot from monsters

When you kill monsters, you get not a big amount of money and items to sell. However, at higher levels, a character can solo through old raids, which gives you a chance to earn a bit more gold. At first, epics fall from bosses that can be sold, with thrash also rolling coins. For a level 110 character with around 880-900 item level, you can get through the initial Warlords of Draenor raids pretty well on a solo basis. Thus epics from bosses can help you collect a few hundred gold pieces. Sometimes rare items fall from the mobs, which can also be sold at auction for a lot of money.

10. Level up your mining skills

Jewelry mining, notably in the beginning of the game, could be not that profitable, but once you start doing daily tasks for jewelers or sifting titanium ore, sifting for gold, buying recipes or buying jewelry stones for crafting the gold will start flowing.

To summarize all of the above information, it can be said that there are many different variables and details that affect the outcome, so you may have to try out several methods and see what works best for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that it takes time to earn gold and it cannot happen overnight. For this reason, many people prefer to buy gold in World of Warcraft instead of mining it themselves. We are sure that our guide will help you earn gold in WoW much faster. Good Luck!

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