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Pname com facebook

Facebook Katana- Fix Pname com Facebook Orca

Facebook Katana You don't have to delete the folder name of Facebook katana, com.facebook.katana when you find it on your computer. The name of the...
What is a Digital Certificate and why do you need it

What is a Digital Certificate and why do you need it?

A digital certificate is a digital file used to encrypt an entity's public key to certain identification characteristics. The entity may be an individual,...
How firewall works

How Firewalls works?

How does firewall works? Step by step, how your personal computer and private network protects against malicious mistake with firewalls. Firewall Software Works like a filter...
Enrolling for a Digital Certificate

Enrolling for a Digital Certificate

How to Enroll for a Digital Certificate? For a digital certificate, users can register through the Web. Upon completion of the required forms, a public...
Fork Bomb Virus

Fork Bomb Virus

Fork bomb is also known as a wabbit virus or rabbit virus that is designed by hackers to attack the target system. The virus...
Hacking Definition

Hacking Types methods to remove with easy steps

Hacking is a malware author’s process that attacks a computer system or network. The person who participates in the hacking process is called a...
RSA Conference

The 8 Smartest Things to Do At the RSA Conference

According to Wikipedia The RSA Conference is a series of IT security conferences. Approximately 45,000 people attend one of the conferences each year. It was founded...

Adware Definition

Adware Definition A software application that displays unwanted ads during running a program is called adware. In most cases, adware is inserted into free advertising-supported...
Kids Safe online

6 Tips to keep your kids safe online 2019

As children are targeted more and more at online attacks, parents have to step up their computer habits and protect their children's devices. Here...
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Troubleshoot Netflix Not Working Error Code

Netflix doesn't work to solve problems to get it back to normal. If you're having trouble using the Netflix app saying that Netflix doesn't...