The introduction of AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) has revolutionized the field of network management. Leveraging the computing and analytical power of AI and machine learning has transformed the industry, allowing for better business outcomes, better network optimization and more efficient use of resources and IT operations teams, the like of which has never been seen.

How is AIOps Changing the Network Management Playing Field?

  • Enhanced Network Troubleshooting Capabilities

AI can find and troubleshoot problems without the intervention of an IT professional.These AIOps systems can notify the appropriate professional when a problem is beyond its scope to fix.

  • Preventative Predictions

The best time to solve a problem is before it becomes disruptive. That is why the predictive power of AIOps can help to reduce downtime and save money when implemented in network management.

  • Optimization Suggestions

Optimizing network workflows will save on resources and allow IT professionals to focus on other tasks that cannot be done by AI systems. These optimizations are often done automatically by AIOps systems, creating more efficient network management teams.

  • AIOps Technology is Flexible to the Network Demands

Resources need to be directed to the appropriate areas, particularly as demands change throughout the day. AIOps can redirect resources to the proper areas based on network demands, enhancing efficiency throughout the system. When integrated with a MSP (managed service provider) NTT said “This model offers more flexibility due to the MSP’s experience and specialized resources. There would also be lower upfront costs for organizations that are implementing AIOps in this way.”

How Do AI Technologies Affect Network Infrastructure and Operations?

Applying AIOps to network management has a significant impact on the way that resources are used in the operation of any IT application and how these are dispersed across the network infrastructure. How does AIOps technology enhance network capabilities?

  • Automated Network Management

Automating tasks frees up IT resources to pursue other, more important matters. This not only allows for a redistribution of IT resources, but it also reduces the risk of human error, creating more accurate and reliable network operations.

  • Security Enhancements

Network security continues to be a critical part of all network operations. AIOps automatically detect anomalies and can make predictions based on historical data as to when and where there may be a security breach and notify the proper IT professionals.

  • Root Cause Analysis

When problems do occur, AIOps can determine the root cause of any network challenge, giving the IT team the information necessary to resolve and prevent future issues of a similar nature.

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Understanding the performance of your network in real-time gives the IT department the tools necessary to adjust and enhance network capabilities. Network management can lead initiatives to enhance performance based on these insights, which will inevitably lead to better business outcomes.

Who Benefits from Revolutionizing Network Management with AIOps?

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst and consulting firm in the IT and data management space. Based on a survey they conducted, which included a $40 billion pharmaceutical company, they found that while there are still some concerns with AIOps (such as security challenges, network complexity and data quality), when asked about the efficacy of AIOps in their IT operations, successful users of AIOps believed them to be a powerful tool that benefits the organizations that implement them.

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