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In mid-2000, BlackBerry, which was the first smartphone, was unable to cope with the market pressure of its rivals joining their smartphone baskets. Multinational firms began to develop great-featured smartphones, and BlackBerry steadily lost its business footholds as the manufacturer never thought of updating the features. Ultimately, the phone that revolutionized mobile characteristics was hammered with the death nail over time. It is, however, very difficult to kill a giant and with new features, smarter looks, BlackBerry resurfaced and is making waves on the market as of today. For each palm, they have a range of smartphones and let us discuss some of the finest BlackBerry phones for 2020.

The Best Blackberry Phones

When others provided several other features, the company overlooked the addition of the latest technology to their existing BlackBerry phones. When there was no escape route but to look ahead, it finally bounced back. The company has started making some of the best smartphones, and these days they are in high demand on the market.

  • BlackBerry Key 2 – Check Price on Amazon

If one is searching for a physical keyboard smartphone, then this model is ideal to use. The construction standard is outstanding. It is one of the best Blackberry phones for 2020, with a sleek and stylish interface and updated software that runs on Android Oreo version 8.1. It would be welcomed by people who are fond of being nostalgic and not tech-savvy enough to use touch screens. The niche software is exceptional, and only in this model and nowhere else is it included. The frame is made of aluminum and the keyboard is broken to segregate the buttons. With the space bar, the fingerprint sensor is integrated and is very easy to use. Using the phone will make you feel like flying with luggage from the new technology to the past in a time machine.

  • BlackBerry DTEK60 Check Price on Amazon

The model DTEK60 is one of the best BlackBerry phones for 2020 that many will love to buy, while searching for something new. It is one of the best smartphones for Android with features that are easy to use. Since many official jobs can be done with it, people call it a company smartphone. With improved security features, without any stress, one can work with this handset. With a screen size of 5.5 inches, the model is slim but sturdy. To have a strong grip, the protruding edges of the screen support. The famous BlackBerry logo is embedded under the hard see-through plastic on the rear. With a dedicated microSD card slot, without the tension of running out of space, one can download something. The phone runs on a quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The expandable memory can go up to 256 GB. It also has a dual-LED flash fingerprint scanner and a 21 MP Autofocus sensor. The front camera is 8 MP long and has a front flash as well.

Blackberry motion

It is one of the BlackBerry series of premium phones. The phone uses a USB-C enabled data cable for charging, with a 5.5 inch display and captive navigation keys. In order to see the notification shade, the fingerprint sensor can be swiped. The touch screen is very sensitive, with a more solid and robust overall display. The screen glass is nano-diamond, one of the techniques first used by any maker of smartphones. The BlackBerry Motion comes with a dual-LED flash and a 12 MP sensor. The 4k video can be captured or viewed at 30 fps, and this is a fantastic feature. The battery is 4000 mAH and is capable of operating for two days. The phone can be used without any concerns, even in extreme weather conditions, with IP67 water and dust resistant properties. Without any distractions, the call quality is strong, and the speakers are loud enough to listen to music without headphones. The phone is powered by Android 7.1.2, and you can upgrade it to Oreo. It is easy to take photos with this phone, as tapping the fingerprint sensor captures the image when using the camera. It is quick to use the widgets and applications. The convenience key helps to open the home screen’s mailbox, camera directly, and pin commands.

BlackBerry Private Protection

One of the best BlackBerry phones for 2020 is the BlackBerry Priv. It has a beautiful display, a good build, and a keyword for hardware and runs on the Android operating system. To open the keyboard, it slides up. This phone’s monitor wraps around the front and has a QWERTY keyboard. The length becomes 187 mm when the phone slides up completely. With the back end down, the protruding camera sensor limits the handset to lying flat. There are nano Sim trays, as well as dedicated slot memory cards. The viewing area is 5.4 inches and the resolution of the screen is 2560 X 1440. With the AMOLED show, the sound is luminous and vivid. Photos taken on this phone look vivid and clear, and every detail is captured by the 18 MP camera. It is perfect to capture an image or video with facial recognition, autofocus, and optical image stabilisation properties. The geotagging function allows the location and time to be remembered. The battery has a 3410 mAH capacity and operates on a single charge for up to 22.5 hours. The form of battery on this phone is non-removable.

BlackBerry Keyone

The BlackBerry Keyone is definitely an all-time favorite, and for 2020, it is one of the best BlackBerry phones. The keys are simple to use, with the basic BlackBerry style and physical keyboard with an elegant see-through sound. For easy handling, the phone comes with a rubber grip on the back. The sound quality is excellent, even though the speaker is mono. The height of the screen is 4.5 inches, and the monitor has a resolution of 1620 x 1080. IPS LCD Gorilla Glass 4 is used on the screen. With a single charge, the battery life is 48 hours, and it is a function all heavy users love. The phone is powered by Android Nougat 7.1. There is a 12 MP camera with an LED light. The front camera is an 8 MP camera. For smartphone addicts, it functions like a beast with a 3505 mAH battery.


The phones listed above are the best BlackBerry phones for 2020, which can be used by anyone and boast of owning a BlackBerry. It is possible to nail the giant but never destroy it. With the finest smartphones for 2020, BlackBerry has demonstrated this to the world.

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