How to Adjust Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings?

A perfect camera for enthusiasts in the field of portrait photography is the Nikon D3400. With its versatile zoom range feature, the camera is compact, lightweight and also provides some exceptional portrait images.

Now, once you try this masterpiece with your hands, you have to be sure of the precise settings and tips in order to get the best Nikon D3400 portrait shot. Well, as we got you covered with the following tips and tricks, you do not need to worry.

Portrait Photography with Nikon D3400

How to Shoot Portrait Using Nikon D3400

Step 1. Mode Dial

First thing first, always note the Mode Dial is the most critical control when using a Nikon D3400. From here, you can pick the camera’s exposure mode, which not only affects the camera’s exposure to the image, but also gives you access to other controls. The best aspect of using a D3400 is that with the automatic exposure mode on, you will enjoy access to all functions. The PSAM options give your photographic fingers full power..

P stands for Program Auto which is a great mode to start off exploring the camera features. This feature chooses the aperture setting and the shutter speed granting you the permission to change rest of the parameters, like exposure compensation.

S stands for Shutter Priority where you can select the shutter speed and the camera chooses the correct aperture setting for what it considers as a good exposure.

A means Aperture Priority, this can be used to control the depth-of-field, that how much of the focused picture (from near to far) appears in focus.

M is for Manual; this gives you total control over both aperture setting and shutter speed. You can adjust any one or both settings till the exposure gauge marker is placed in the center.

Step 2. Guide to Click a Group Portrait or Selfie

The computer has a self-timer that makes it easy for you to get into the frame all by yourself or while in a group. Choose the f/5.6 or smaller aperture mode (higher f-stop number) to make sure there is enough depth of field to concentrate on everything. Make sure that the shutter speed is quick enough to freeze movement (1/200 or faster) while filming an action scene.

Focus manually, then press the Release Mode button, choose self-timer and press the shutter button and you are all set for your portrait. The camera will always beep each time to let you know whenever it’s about to take a picture.

Step 3. Steps to Freeze Action

Set the Mode Dial to S for the priority of the shutter. Set the shutter speed to 1/200 seconds or higher, depending on the shutter speed. Click the Release Mode button (under the 4-way controller on the right) and select Continuous Firing. Then select Focus Mode (to access the menu using the Info button) for AF-C. (i.e. continuous autofocus). To engage continuous AF, the shutter should be half-pressed, anticipate the subject’s movement and start shooting when you’re all set, keeping the shutter button fully pressed.
Nikon D3400 Portrait Settings - freeze actionNikon D3400 Portrait Settings – freeze action

Step 4. Setting the White Balance

To fit the provided light of your desired scene or location, you must configure the white balance 9. So, if you’re shooting indoors, set the white balance to Incandescent when using regular lighting. If you’re counting on the flash on the other hand, set the white balance to Flash.

So, if you own a Nikon D3400 and would like to click some amazing portraits in the process, simply go by the above mentioned guidelines.


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