Minimize downtime

RMM software allows service providers to identify and fix common problems on clients’ networks using proactive maintenance. They might be experiencing a lack of disk space or an outage in their internet service. You can send these problems to your MSP so that they can address them before it escalates. Nobody wants to lose productivity due to downtime.

High security

Remote monitoring and management software works with antivirus products to assist MSPs in securing their clients’ systems. They can monitor the threat landscape and take proactive steps to defend against cybercriminals and malicious software.

The RMM software also has tools that allow them to perform tasks such as installing operating system updates or software patches. These patches are automatically scheduled, ensuring that systems remain up-to-date and protected. This means that clients’ companies have uptime.

Remote Support

MSPs can do simple tasks remotely with the RMM platform. One example is when a user needs assistance. The RMM software allows technicians to remotely access the user’s device from their seats. The technician can resolve the problem remotely, which saves time and money. RMM can give valuable information about machines that are part of a network.

Proactive staff

It is never easy to manage a company’s network. Remote monitoring and management tools like Kentrox RMM1400 allow MSPs to receive notifications immediately when a client has any issues. These alerts can be used to address issues before they escalate and prevent snowballing.


RMM allows service providers to set a fixed price for their services. MSPs will have to ensure that IT environments work within pre-agreed budgets and requirements. This is a departure from traditional break/fix models, where billing is done per hour. The customer is at greater risk. RMM will be a benefit to clients as they only have to pay a fixed price with no surprises.

What is Kentrox RMM1400?

Kentrox is a leader in site monitoring, management, and control solutions. RMM 1400 was released in 2010 to allow for cost-effective site monitoring. Customers such as wireline service providers, utilities, and transportation can benefit from this technology to improve operational efficiency while reducing costs. This is possible through proactive maintenance, technician efficiency, and network availability.

Kentrox RMM1400 is ideal for small sites and locations that require a limited number of systems to be integrated. The RMM 1400 provides four Ethernet and four serial ports, and the Remote RMB-1 allows for more than 80 I/O port provisions. The RMB-1 connects to the RMM-1400 via Ethernet, allowing the alarm, sensor, or control interfaces necessary for site management to function.

Kentrox Remote RMM1400 is located at the network’s locations. It attaches to every element via different interface choices. Kentrox’s Optima management software allows bi-directional control via Ethernet and wireless communication options. Remote RMM140 and Optima work together to provide more complete monitoring, remote control, and management of virtually all site devices.

Some features of Kentrox RMM-1400 are:

  • Small sites can support targeted applications
  • Wireless and Ethernet options for networking
  • Optima makes it easy to use a graphic user interface (GUI).
  • Site protection and other uses can be achieved with Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Advanced control and protocol conversion
  • Alarm aggregation for lower network complexity


RMM can help clients ensure their security and systems work optimally. This allows them to have access to important data when they need it. Your network will not slow down business processes and your growth is assured. RMM-enabled MSPs can offer clients security and peace of mind knowing their technology is being monitored 24 hours a day.