While most people focus on help-desk functions, a Service Desk that includes CRM (customer relationship management), support might be better suited for you. With the addition of customer relationship management, you will have all the traditional functions of a Service Desk. Some people believe that it is better to purchase two products. However, ITarian believes it is better to use one product for all your needs. You can consider these reasons:

  • Cost
  • Simplicity
  • Email workflow
  • Access for customers


While cost is an important concern for many businesses, it shouldn’t be the only one. Our product is free of charge. We also offer other options that could all be combined to create the ideal management system. We offer many of the same features, even if your budget doesn’t allow for exclusive licensing.


You won’t be able to use the system or enjoy it if it isn’t easy to use. You should find it easy to use any product. You’ll find a simple-to-use CRM and service desk system through us that will save you time and money.


You can access them quickly, regardless of whether customers prefer to use the provided form or email to submit a ticket. Automated responses can be sent so customers don’t have to wonder when they’ll hear back. Customers will also be notified once the task has been completed. This will take the hassle out of emailing customers or creating tickets based on information provided.

Customer Access

Customers and end-users will also have access to the system. This can help you save a lot of time. You will save a step by allowing them to access our FAQ database. This could help solve their problems.