There is no question that Microsoft’s launch of new operating systems offers device users the ability to enjoy and make use of advanced features. The implementation of any new operating system, however, is never short of problems. Many users often encounter many challenges in the form of error messages.

The Unexpected Store Exception error message is one such error message. It is one of the new error messages experienced by Windows OS users. While it is rare, it is only appropriate for you to receive data about its occurrence and how it can be resolved.

Windows Unintended Store Exception is a Windows 10 OS based bug to a wide degree. This is an error you can find after updating to the new Windows 10 OS on your computer.

In how it happens, the unintended essence of the mistake is readily apparent. When it is about to occur, you can tell. You just came to realise that it happens while programmes were running on your computer crash, only to present you with the Sudden Shop Exception Feared Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

The BSoD characteristically persists until the computer restarts again without displaying the BIOS logo until you cause a shut down of the computer. The incident frequency is always spontaneous. It can occur regularly or infrequently.

Causes of Unexpected Store Exception Error

Although this is an unexpected error, the message points to issues relating to Windows Store. Such issues can be caused by many factors that can be related directly to Windows Store or related to your computer. Some of the possible causes include but not limited to;

  • Damaged/outdated system drivers.
  • Pending updates.
  • Corrupt system files.
  • Bad sectors on the hard disk.
  • The installed anti-virus program.
  • Fast startup routine.
  • Acute virus/malware infection.

How to fix Unexpected Store Exception BSOD

There are many ways of addressing the death error screen of the Unintended Shop Exception Blue. You ought to check out some of them to see which one solves the issue.

Fix Unexpected Store Exception BSOD

Method 1: Basic Steps to fix Unexpected Store Exception error

Your first step to repair any Windows bug should always be to ensure that your operating system is safe and in good shape.

  • Launch the anti-virus/malware software installed and allow it to conduct a comprehensive scan to detect and fix any virus/malware that might be on the computer device. This would only be necessary if it takes time for the error to appear after loading your device.
  • Remove all junk files from your computer. Severe file disputes that cause multiple errors are also caused by accumulated garbage files.
  • Uninstall any applications and/or hardware from third parties that you might have recently built after upgrading to your Windows 10 OS.

Before restarting the machine again, execute these basic housekeeping steps. Keep it on for one to two hours to see whether the Unintended Shop Exception bug is fixed or not.

Method 2 – Uninstall Antivirus Program

By default, Windows 10 OS has Microsoft Protector. This is enough strong security software that you can use without any other security software being installed. Consider uninstalling third-party authentication applications that can trigger file conflicts that you may have enabled, leading to a mistake.
1. To open the Startup menu, press the Win + X combination key.

2. “Choose “Control Panel.

3. On the control panel, click on ‘Programs’.

4. Select the third-party security applications from the resulting programmes folder. Until choosing Uninstall, right-click on it.

Restart your computer and attempt to launch multiple applications to see if the antivirus software you built triggered the Unintended Shop Exception error screen for you.

Method 3 – Run System File Checker

In order to correct the error, running the built-in system file checker utility may be useful. The app checks and manages to patch corrupt files that may be the source of the mistake.

Step 1. Uh, step 1. Select “Get Started.”

Step 2. In the “Search Programs and Files” box, select “cmd”.

Step 3. Before pressing OK, hit the CTRL + Shift + Enter combination to open the command prompt. OR Just press the Win + X key, and then select Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 4. Before clicking Enter, type ‘sfc /scannow’ into the prompt.

Step 5. Now, if found corrupt, the procedure can take some time to search device files and replace them.

If it is done, you will be shown if compromised files have been discovered and if they are patched. Only reset the machine. If your device files is corrupt, you can repair Unexpected Store Exception for you by executing the above steps.

Method 4 – Run Disk Check Utility

The Unexpected Store Exception error can also result from bad sectors on the disc housing the OS. To see if doing so fixes the error, run the built-in disc scan.

1. Click the Win + X combination key to open the menu.

2. Pick the choice ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’.

3. To run the command prompt as an administrator, press ‘Yes’.

4. Typing “chkdsk”

5. Before you type the drive letter (C) you need to check, leaving a space after ‘chkdsk’.

Testing the working disc only detects infected sectors and data, if any. Until the utility can perform the necessary repairs, you need to define criteria.

6. Immediately after the drive letter “/f/r/x” type the following into the prompt.

Remember that the letter ‘f’ informs the error repair utility, the letter ‘r’ tells it to find any bad sectors on the disc, and the letter ‘x’ tells it to dismantle the drive before the scanning process begins. Dismantling the disc is important because if the disc is in use, the function will not run.

To run the check, click ‘Enter’. Before restarting your machine, cause it to stop. Perform every procedure and keep the system on for several hours to see whether the error is corrected or not.

Method 5 – Update Computer Drivers

Drivers are components of your PC that are important. Communication between the device and all programmes and software installed is supported by them. For smooth device operations, they need to be built and must be up-to-date. Check to see if there are any disabled drivers or any drivers that need to be changed.

  • Right-click “My Computer” before “Properties” is picked.
  • “Select “Director for Computers.
  • When searching for some device with a yellow exclamation mark, browse through all the devices identified.
  • Until selecting the Upgrade Driver, right-click on any such unit.

After the update, restart your device. Start some software and keep the machine on for a bit and see if you are addressing Unintended Shop Exception BSOD after installing drivers.

Method 6 – Check for Windows Apps Updates

You need to make sure that all Windows applications installed on your device are checked and running correctly because the Unintended Store Exception bug is connected to the Windows Store. This can be achieved remotely or manually by you.

1. Go to the Setup Menu. Start the Shop.

2. Using the user icon to press.

3. In the corresponding menu, select or tap “Settings.”

4. “Toggle “Automatically upgrade applications”.


1. Go to the Setup Menu. Start the Shop.

2. Tap the user icon or press it.

3. Tap on “Downloads” or tap on it.

4. Click “Check for updates” or press it.

For each and every app, you will need to review changes by going to the store page. Restart the computer and keep it running for around an hour to see if Windows 10’s Unexpected Shop Exception Blue screen is solved.

Method 7 – Repair OS

If both of the aforementioned solutions do not fix the defect, it may become necessary to attempt to correct the OS. This is as easy as booting your Windows 10 installation media from your computer before choosing a repair.

Before restating the computer normally, ensure that you obey the on-screen directions to the letter. Automatic Fix can work to see how the device can repair mistakes such as Accidental Shop Exception.

Method 8 – System Restore

In a situation where the error happens as you want to open a Microsoft-related programme, you just need to execute device repair.

  • Click the Win + Q primary combination.
  • Click the ‘Config’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Recovery’ button.
  • In the resulting open window, click ‘Device Restore.’
  • Choose an early day to work without any complications with your computer.
  • Before turning off the machine and restarting it again, the tool could start running.
  • Try to open an app that displays the Planned Store Exception.

Method 9 – Fresh OS Installation

In fixing the Unforeseen Store Exception mistake, this will be your last option. Until inserting the OS installation disc, simply backup all your documents to re-install the OS.

Although it takes time and you will need to keep downloading the requisite patches, it is the only way to get fresh files on your computer.

So, on Windows 10 and other operating system versions, we only posted 9 separate ways to correct this blue screen death bug. If any of the above helps you solve the dilemma, please let us know in the following comments.

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