Windows Protector is an advanced anti-virus security framework. This functionality was introduced to Windows 8 by Microsoft. Users assume that the built-in antivirus is not adequate to protect their PC from malware and viruses, so we typically download other antiviruses. There are several problems with it for those users who are relying on or choose to use Windows Defender. Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afc is one such error that has recently caused problems.

Windows Defender helps to provide your PC with Real Time Security, so it is suggested to start it immediately on any initialization. Holding Windows Defender up to date for enhanced security is also critical.

Windows users have had trouble with Windows Defender lately. It doesn’t immediately start and you get an error with a message box much as below the picture when you attempt to start it manually.

Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afc

Methods to Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afc

To fix this error 0x80073afc in Windows protector, we have attempted to collect all possible methods that can be done.

Method 1: Remove 3rd Party Antivirus

Do you have a proprietary Inbuilt Antivirus enabled and running some third party antivirus other than Windows? You will want to delete all other antivirus programmes from your machine if the answer is YES.
On your machine, a dispute will arise many times. Your 3rd party antivirus may have shut Windows Defender off and would not allow it to turn on. So you need to properly uninstall other antivirus applications and get rid of this error and turn on Windows Defender, and then see if the error still exists.

Method 2: Deleting Malicious Registry Entry

If your device or laptop is infected with worms or viruses, so there are chances of adding malicious entry to your computer’s registry. Virus Adds a registry entry that does not cause your antivirus to run. What does that do? You need to uninstall these entries, if they exist, from your machine. Review Windows on everything you need to know about the register.

Start running by keeping down the “Win” key and then pressing “R” to type “regedit” now. If you are asked for permission, then press Yes, and the Registry Editor opens.

Navigate to the Execute Options for HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image Format. See if you can spot entries like MSASCui.exe or MpCmdRun.exe, and if so, then right-click and delete them. If you don’t, turn to the next form.

You see that registry entries on every PC are really significant, so I always recommend the special registry tool called Regserve, which is by far the best tool to keep your PC registry clean and coordinated, reducing the chances of PC errors.

Method 3: System Restore Point

If the above 2 methods fail to help you get rid of Windows Defender Error Code 0x80073afc on your Windows PC, then you can most likely be saved by this tool.

If you still have a Reset Point on your screen, then thank God for that right now. When it was in Good Condition without Errors, you will restore your PC to Previous Stage.

All you need to do is to restore your PC to the previous Restore Point:

  • Open RUN
  • Type ‘Rstrui.exe’ and then press OK.
  • Wait a few seconds now, and you can see Windows Device Recovery.
  • If you have a lot of choices there, click Next and pick Restore Stage.

When all is over, verify whether or not you are still receiving Error Code 0x80073afc. This process functions most of the time and the bug should be patched.

If you have some other approach that has helped you tackle this issue and wish to add to this post, please also comment below to let us know which method you used to solve the problem.

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