Fix Error 30015-6 (-1) While Installing MS Office 2016


So Ms Office 2016 has opened and errors are still arriving with the new Ms Office. We are now covering one such error known as Error 30015-66 (-1). This Error Code occurred during MS Office 2016 installation.

When such errors bothers you on Installation Itself the Joy of Using MS office 2016 comes to hold. Yet we are here today to help you solve Mistake 30015-6 (-1). It helps us to jump on how to resolve this without taking much of your time.

Fixing Error 30015-6 (-1) in MS Office 2016

In Microsoft Office 2016, we will be addressing 3 approaches to correct this mistake. Do it one by one and hopefully you can get rid of it. You should be able to update and quickly run the software.

Method 1: Turn of Antivirus & Firewall

In this scenario, the very first thing you would need to do is turn the antivirus & firewall. If your PC has an antivirus, then try to turn it off. Then by Follwoing Switching off Firewall too Below Steps:

  • Find the Firewall and press the Windows Firewall button.
  • Now from the left pane, press ‘Turn Windows Firewall On or OFF.’
  • Now in both Public and Private Settings, choose Switching Off Windows Firewall.

It is that. You have only disabled the antivirus and firewall, which can often interfere with the installation of programmes. If you have the same error again, so please look at Method 2 below. Now, try downloading Office 2016.

Method 2: Using Office Troubleshooter

We will use the official Microsoft Office troubleshooter in this process to get rid of Error Code 30015-66 (-1). Miss this process and move on to Method 3 if you have already used the Troubleshooter.

But you need to download Ms office 2016 Troubleshooter first of all or also known as Repair it Tool from HERE
Run the tool until it’s finished and try to load MS Office 2016 again. If you don’t get an error other than Congrats, but if you do get the same error 30015-6 (-1) during download, then Method 3 should be executed.

Method 3: Installing in Clean Boot State

You make sure that no 3rd party service is allowed while you do Clean boot, and you also make sure that nothing on your PC will clash, which most certainly means that you can go through your installation without any hassle.

But before we go on to see how to boot Clean, you need to uninstall Office 2016 from your computer manually. The official website lists step-by-step guidance for how to do this. So now you need to go through all the measures listed there and come back here to see what else you need to do to correct Error 30015-66 (-1).

How to do Clean Boot?

Okay, so I hope you have manually uninstalled your new version of Office successfully and are now able to tidy up your PC and update Office 2016. To boot your PC cleanly, follow the steps below.

> Check for msconfig and click on the msconfig.exe option shown in the results field.

> There should be a Device Setup Box in front of the computer.

> Pick Selective Startup and Uncheck ‘Load Startup Products’ on the General page.

Error 30015-6 (-1) System Configuration

> Now go to the Utilities tab and tick the ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’ box.

> Second, you’ll see a list of 3rd party providers, so press Disable Everything.

Error 30015-6 (-1) hiding all ms services

> Add the changes now and press OK To make the changes, you will be asked to restart your PC.

That’s it, you’re going to get a New Boot PC on Startup and now you’re able to launch Ms Office 2016. In most cases, this approach should operate for Resolving Error 30015-66 (-1).

Don’t forget to make your PC boot normally again next time until the installation is completed. Perform the same steps again and this time, tick Regular Startup in the General column.

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