We’re protecting that “File System Error (-2018375670).” error in Windows 10. Newly updated to Windows 10? Unable to open a file? You’re in the right position. Windows 10 users have this dilemma. If you attempt to click a file, you get an error that says “Critical Error Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it next time you sign in”

You may have tried to sign out and sign in again before but it didn’t succeed, and that’s why you’re here for better options. We aim to have fixes to different mistakes that are confirmed and that benefit the readers here at fixerrs.com.
We resolved the File System Bug (-1073741819) on Windows 10 a few months back. And again a related error occurs when Windows 10 users are bugged. So let’s start with Why you got this mistake, and then we’ll hop in to see how to correct this Windows 10 File System Error (-2018375670).

Reasons for File System Error (-2018375670)

  1. Corrupt System Files
  2. Outdated or Corrupt Drivers
  3. Particular Service that is running is Conflicting with Windows Explorer.

Fixing File System Error (-2018375670) in Windows 10

Corrupt machine files are the culprits due to certain file system bugs in most cases. Windows Explorer can also interfere with the currently operating service on your PC many times. A total of 3 methods are listed to correct this file system error (-2018375670).

Method 1: Restart your PC.

If the problem is due to an operation dispute, so a quick restart might be enough. It’s not a brainer. Reboot your PC to see if there is still a problem. Skip this move and jump to Method #2 if you have already rebooted your system.

Method 2: Boot your PC in Safe Mode

Secure Mode features are very useful on Windows computers, as it allows you to know if the difficulty is triggered by some third party software for you. Secure mode booting would ensure that no 3rd party drivers are loaded. When using Safe mode, only the specific files and drivers needed for Windows to run are loaded.

Basically, you can boot your PC in Safe mode in 2 ways: 1) from Settings and 2) from Screen Login. On Microsoft’s official website, all approaches are briefly explained.

Method 3: Fix Corrupt System Files

Notice when I said above that in most situations, corrupt machine files in Windows 10 are the culprit for File System Error (-2018375670). So this process can now analyse and rebuild or patch corrupt files in the system.

Disk check

  • As Admin, open Command Prompt.
  • Type in “chkdsk /f” and click enter.
  • Type ‘Y,’ then press Enter.
  • Restart your machine now or enter ‘Shutdown /r’ and press Enter again.

That’s it. Let the machine do its job now get a cup and sit back. You will be able to use your computer as before without a file system error until this is over (-2018375670).

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