Have you lost your passwords on your Samsung account and have you been shut out after the factory reset? And you want Samsung’s Bypass account? This is because of new functionality of the Factory Reset Security FRP. We discussed the following method of bypassing FRP. With the arrival of new Android versions, Google adds new security features to secure your mobile details. Google and Samsung are one of the world’s largest companies. That is why they are really serious about the data safety feature of their customers. But it could become a problem.

Consider that Google is asking you to enter your Gmail account to access your phone if you reset your computer. If you have forgotten your password for your Gmail account, you might be locked out of your phone and unable to access it. But you can now bypass Samsung’s account with the following methods. You can easily bypass Samsung FRP on your phone using the steps below.

Bypass Samsung Account FRP Specifications

  • OTG Cable for your mobile Samsung.
  • A laptop or Mac.

If you have access to the above two items, you can continue with this process in the steps below.

1. Bypass Samsung Cable OTG account.

This method works 100% well and circumvents FRP on all Samsung computers. After the following steps, factory reset security on Samsung computer can be bypassed.

  • First, you must access the APK bypass of FRP.
  • Transfer your downloaded apk file to USB.
  • Use the OTG cable to connect the USB to the phone.
  • Now the file manager appears and the software is enabled on the link.
  • Go to the settings for your computer, locate and click on Backup and Reset.


  • Click Reset Data from Factory and delete all your phone info. It cleans all your data such as music, videos, images, apps, data, and Google Account.


  • Now your machine is restarting. It can take a while to boot. Don’t worry it’s going to work perfectly.

2. Samsung FRP Bypass is the second way for Samsung to bypass the Google account

You must use pc rather than OTG cable. It’s fast, too.

  • Install the SideSync software first.
  • Download the app on your phone after downloading.
  • Run the SideSync app and use the USB cable to connect your phone to Computer.
  • Upon link, you’ll see a pop-up in the picture below.
  • FRP bypass update Apk.
  • Once the app has been downloaded, click back and go to Samsung devices.
  • You are advised to enable SideSync. Nonetheless, skip the File Explorer request and install any explorer program.
  • After successfully enabled, open the File Explorer and go to the folder for download.
  • To activate it, click on the bypass app.apk.
  • Now go to your phone settings and press Backup and Reset.
  • Click the Factory Data Reset button to delete all data from your computer.

Final words

So mates, these were both fast and required ways for Samsung’s How To Bypass account. We discussed two ways of working that can be used by anyone. Both are used by me and function smoothly. I hope you understood both the Samsung Bypass processes. Use another option for Samsung bypass if the first method does not work for you, it will certainly work. I hope you’ll share with your friends this message. Thank you for your visit. Stay tuned and trained.


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