ITarian Business Reports

KPIs are a way to track your progress towards your business goals. Reports allow you to access the data that shows you how you are doing with those KPIs. You can easily access that data to make informed business decisions. ITarian’s Business Reports give you a single dashboard that allows you to drill down on key information for customizable, real-time metrics for each KPI.

ITarian Business reports can help you:

  • Automate your reporting workflows
  • Realistic expectations can be set by having visibility
  • Provide real-time updates to improve the quality of your service

What is a Business Report?

A business report is a collection of facts that are organized according to a standard protocol. It provides a detailed understanding of the problem and the solution.

Business reports show a collection of business-related information such as figures, facts, and analyses. Business reports are designed to help businesses make informed decisions and plan for the future. Based on the information drafted, reports help businesses plan budgets and decide on promotions or advertisements.

Formatting is important when there are many types of business reports. It should be easy for stakeholders to quickly read the data and not miss anything.

Different types of business reports

Analytical Reports

Analytical reports are essential for every company. They can help with crucial decisions. The management can use it to find the pertinent data and related descriptions.

The quarterly operations analysis would include the activities undertaken by the executive team, numbers from sales, and net profit or loss for each quarter.

Analytic reports allow businesses to analyze the business operations during the first quarter of the calendar year. This helps them to make better decisions in the future.

Informational Reports

Informational reports are not specific and do not provide details about the situation. Information reports are the best option if you need objective answers. This report provides information about the employees and the departments they work in, the employees’ roles, as well as the total number of employees.

Information about an organization can be presented in many ways. It can be displayed in graphs, pie charts, or tables that show the details of employees.

Research Reports

When a company plans to expand its operations in new markets, such as launching a new product or expanding its office in another area, research reports are essential. A research report contains specific details and statistics on a topic.

Purpose of Business Reports

Communication is key in any organization. Reports are the only option for large organizations. This highlights the main points and the purpose of business reports.

Transmitting information: Business reports are the best way to send information between people. Managers can use business reports to access the information they need in large companies with complex data.

Interpretation of events and explanations: reports help users understand the information. It interprets and explains the data in an easily understandable format.

Making Decisions Reports are a tool that helps stakeholders make decisions. Reports are the most basic management tool to make decisions and solve problems.

Communication With External Stakeholders: This allows you to communicate information not only to internal stakeholders but also to external stakeholders.

Building a knowledge base: reports can also be used to establish a rich information source in an organization. This document records all business operations and is archived for future reference.

Controlling Reports contain the information required to implement controlling techniques.

Recommending actions Reports are not only informative but can also be used to solve problems.

Importance of Business Reports

Everyone is on the same page

Business reports provide vital and valuable information for all stakeholders. Business plans are vital. They outline the financial strategies, plans, and goals for growth. It serves as a communication medium about the company’s progress.

You can make high-quality business decisions

Reports are essential to show analytics of business data that is vital to make business decisions. Software products that allow you to quickly access critical data are available.

Protect Your Interests

In the event of a security breach, or other critical situation, data reports can be saved. Backups of company servers are important as they can be accessed in case of any unpredicted mishaps.

Benefits of Business Report and its capabilities

Analyze of profitability

You can quickly see where you make and lose money using profitability metrics and employee costs.

Significative metrics

To maximize resource utilization, track SLAs and open ticket counts, ticket backlogs, and time to resolution.

Sales forecasting

For more precise forecasts and to calculate potential ROI per opportunity and employee, see which opportunities you are most likely to close.

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