De-centralized peer-to-peer sharing, YourbitTorrent is one of the first torrent websites on the internet. When people upload or download content transfer files, the request is supplemented by bandwidth. In the run-up to the split, Yourbittorrent was once part of; however, it collected and evaluated torrents on its own in the torrent ring. That said, Yourbittorrent is blocked for copyright violation in the UK, India and Russia.

When a user visits the torrent website and searches for content, the requested file will eventually be found. The magnetic connection to this content is opened in a BitTorrent customer when it is downloaded and the material is transferred. Therefore, when the download is started, the BitTorrent user communicates the information in the torrent file to a tracker. This is used to scan for similar content.

This system separates the content into thousands of smaller bits and transmits them to the active user via the uploaded bandwidth. This bit is worthless until it has been downloaded. If the content doesn’t match the information in the torrent file, the BitTorrent client accepts no bits because the copy of the contents is incorrect.

Yourbittorrent has become the main force in this field, but their previous methods of distribution of copyrighted material have unfortunately damaged their reputation. That said, this torrent is linked to nearly 16 plus million active torrents.

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