The development team of Microsoft is currently working on adding the recommended Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) security profiles later this month.

“There are two levels of security, Exchange Online Protection and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection that we are recommending to enable security administrators to customize their security settings, but they are standard and strict,” Redmond said on the Microsoft 365 roadmap entry.

Such profiles allow EOP administrators to easily set the Microsoft security settings recommended for their user accounts and to avoid spam email entering their inboxes.

When you allow Office 365 to easily configure recommended mailfiltering anti-spam, anti-malwareand anti-phishing security settings for specific user groups, spam emails can be fired and most of them effectively blocked from landing in their inboxes.

Supported profiles are available for some customers automatically

Microsoft also says that profiles are automatically switched when users have opted to automatically manage their settings.

“We will update profile automatically for our smaller customers, but for others, we want administrators to easily adjust those settings for their users,” says Redmond.

It also provides detailed information about the EOP and Office 365 ATP standards and administrators of strict security levels can be set up for defined user sets on the security website for Microsoft 365.

Admins may also use Windows PowerShell to use scripts or cmdlets to apply the settings of EOP configurations to multiple tenants until the new profiles are available generally later in the month.

Certain Privacy Focused Changes Office 365

Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) was enabled by Microsoft to test and enhance authentication results inside Office 365 for all host Office 365 mailboxes.

Administrators and users of Microsoft Office 365 have also been urged not to circumvent the built-in filters in a support document that includes guidance on cases that can not be avoided.

In November, Microsoft revealed that it has released a new Office 365 ATP function called improved intrusion detection and response to help detect breaches.

The new Office 365 ATP functionality also allows Security Operations (SecOps) teams to patch compromised accounts and identify and investigate suspicious users automatically.

The hacked account fix feature was added to the Automated Incident Response Player in September which triggers “automatic investigations for users with abnormal sending patterns or email users restricted.”

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