Play Store Error RPC – Here we can see, “Google play Error RPC: S-5:AEC-0”

Many people now experience the RPC: S-5 AEC-0 error while trying to install or upgrade programs from Google Play Store.

After you have completed the installation or upgrade, this error will appear. The setup bar may appear to have reached its end. If this happens, the annoying error “Update to Get” Gmail will pop up. (Error retrieving information from the machine. [RPC-0 ])”. But This is a slight error on a program such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Dropbox, Viber, etc. You can also solve the problem by following these steps:

Methods to fix RPC: S-5 AEC-0 error

Method 1:

  1. Open system settings
  2. Go to applications(or Apps).All
  3. Pick from all available apps google Play Store>> ClearCacheAndUninstall upgrades.
  4. Also, you can find it hereAll>>Download Manager>> ClearCacheAndData.
  5. All will be at the end google Services Framework>> Clear Cache and Data
  6. Now, rerun Google play shop.

Method 2:

  1. Go toSystem settings>>Accounts>>Google>>Remove your Gmail account
  2. Start nowSettings>>Apps>>All>>Stop forcefully clear cache and data for Google Play Store, Google Service Framework, and Download Manager (like method 1)
  3. Go back toSettings>>Accounts>>Google>> Add your Gmail account
  4. Restart your Android and accept all Google terms and Google installation configurations
  5. Run Google Play Store to upgrade or set up your app.

Clearing cachesGoogle Play StoreGoogle Services Framework worked for a few people, but it does not take too long. Although the next method is certain to work, it will take more effort. I hope you can resolve your problem.RPC: S-5 AEC-0 error issue.

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