May 26, 2020

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, but its default installer will not work if you’re not connected to the Internet or can’t reach their servers. This is where an offline installer from Google Chrome comes into play, as it includes all the files that the user wants to load.

Google Chrome normally offers a small 2 MB installer that connects to the Internet to download any files the browser needs to install.

However, this installer will fail if you are preparing a new computer and have no Internet connectivity yet or have difficulty connecting to Google’s servers.

In these situations, you can download an offline installer running Google Chrome that contains all the files the browser needs to install.

While downloading this installer must try to connect to the Internet to download any updates, but if it fails to connect, the browser will still install.

These types of installers have their advantages as they can be downloaded from an Internet connectivity machine, and then used for the first time to install the browser on other devices you set up.

Another advantage is you can use Chrome 83 offline installer and install it on multiple PCs without re-downloading the update if you live under strict bandwidth limitations.

Download the offline installer on Google Chrome

Follow these steps to download the offline Google Chrome installer, or Chrome Standalone installer as they call it:

  • Use this special URL when you visit download site for Google Chrome.
  • Click on ‘Chrome download’ button.
  • The offline installer Google Chrome will now be downloaded, with a name similar to ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe.
  • To install the browser, double-click the executable on ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe.
  • Once you have Chrome installed and connected to the Internet, click on the Chrome menu and select Help-> About Google Chrome to download and install any updates that are available.

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