There is a serious shortage of experts in this field. This means that those with the right qualifications report short job searches and offer opportunities.

This field is rapidly growing because so much of our daily lives now take place online. Online shopping, dating, banking, and investing are all possible. These new digital worlds and opportunities create the need for cybersecurity professionals, but they also require great online bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity.

Online learning has never been easier, even for a difficult degree such as a bachelor of cybersecurity. Colleges and universities, from well-known universities to smaller regional schools, offer a mix of traditional on-campus education and hybrid online degrees. They also offer 100% online learning.

This guide outlines some key considerations for those who are interested in pursuing an online bachelor’s program in cybersecurity.

Rankings of the best online cybersecurity degrees for 2020

Cybersecurity Guide has ranked the top online cybersecurity degree programs in 2020.

These are the methods used to determine the rankings of online cybersecurity degrees:

  • Only schools that offer both an online cybersecurity bachelor’s and master’s degree were eligible
  • Each program must be considered a Center for Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity
  • Graduation rates
  • Rates of retention
  • Admission rates
  • Both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in cybersecurity are tuition-free.

These are the top 2020 cybersecurity degrees:


Master’s $11,490 or $383/credit
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense
Location: Kennesaw, Georgia
Details This online program offered by KSU’s new major program focuses on technical subjects and draws from other degree programs at the university, including a business degree, BS, in information technology, and a BA in criminal justice. You can complete the 30-credit master’s degree in one year.


Tuition: $38,160, or $318/credit
Information Security Online Master’s Degree
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense
Location: Burlington, Vermont
Details The Champlain College online cybersecurity bachelor’s program is designed to give students the foundational skills needed for today’s cyber security professionals. To help students find the best job opportunities, there is a Fast Start Formula Career Course. Champlain’s Master Program trains students to


Tuition: $55,200 / $351/credit
Master of Science in Cyber Defense
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense, CAE-CO — Cyber Operations, CAE-R — Cyber Research
Location Madison, South Dakota
Details The Cyber Leadership and Intelligence degree at Dakota State focuses on cybersecurity skills like investigating security breaches and intrusions, computer forensics, and dealing with privacy and legal concerns that can be associated with cyber attacks. Students also gain knowledge about global geopolitics and world religions, as well as other skills, as indicated by the program’s name. Cyber operations can be multidisciplinary and require teamwork and management skills. Cyber defense master’s degrees prepare students to protect themselves against cyber attacks by vulnerability testing and risk management.


Master’s $13,320 or $370/credit
Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Studies
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense
Location Charles Town, West Virginia
Details The online cybersecurity program at American Public University System emphasizes cybersecurity theory and the tools required to plan and execute strategic cybersecurity defense tactics. Cyber operations, cyber law, forensics, investigations, security architecture, network penetration skills, and communication are all part of the curriculum. This master’s program is intended to teach students how to prevent cyber attacks and understand large-scale cyber threats.


Master’s $30,600 or $850/credit
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense
Location: Northfield, Vermont
Details The bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity at Norwich University is for working professionals. It focuses on project-based courses that cover deep cybersecurity topics. Students can also choose from a variety of electives that aim to improve their critical thinking, communication, research skills, and creativity. Students can choose from a variety of concentrations in the master’s program, making it highly customizable.


Master’s $23,700 or $790/credit
Online Master’s in Cybersecurity
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense
Location: Saint Leo, Florida
Details The online cybersecurity program at Saint Leo University utilizes simulated IT environments to simulate real-world cybersecurity scenarios. The required coursework includes penetration testing, ethical hacking, computer network controls, and protections, as well as the administration and management of cybersecurity devices, procedures, and systems. Flexible options are available for working professionals to meet their needs.


Master’s $30,340 or $565/credit
Master’s in Cybersecurity
CAE designation: CAE-CD — Cyber Defense
Location Lynchburg, VA
Details The Bachelor’s degree in Information Security from Liberty University centers around eight-week courses. Asynchronous classes mean that there are no set times for class meetings. This allows flexibility for professionals and people who have other commitments. The curriculum includes a captain project, which focuses on cybersecurity, network security, and digital forensics. It also covers business courses. The degree also acts as preparation for several cybersecurity-related certifications. The master’s program is designed to help you detect and prevent cybersecurity weaknesses in your organization.

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