If you are using your PC’s Windows operating system, then you may be faced with Runtime Error 216. This error in the Windows operating system is very common. Users get a terrible experience when facing this error, but the good thing is that solving this error from your PC is not too difficult.

Do you know what makes this 216 runtime error the most annoying thing? You will not be able to find this error on your PC or identify it. This mistake is so dangerous that this mistake has to be tried in the best location. But it can be easily repaired once you are successful in finding this error on your PC.

What is Runtime Error 216 ?

Generally, this error occurs when you are attempting to load an application on your system. Backdoor.SubSeven, which is always accountable for this error, is the main cause behind this error.

Backdoor.SubSeven is a Trojan horse that allows unauthorised users to access their PC via their internet connection. But you can fix this error by using the proper maintenance tool that can help you remove the virus from your PC. No need to worry guys.

How does this error attacks on your system ?

  • This 216 runtime error usually attacks Pc via unsolicited email. Most of the time, it is in the form of a programme file called Setup.exe. When the user tries to run this programme, a failed error message begins to be displayed. Once this file is clicked on the user starts copying viruses to their system.
  • In your system directory, this virus will unpack a particular DLL file. This virus subsequently makes the necessary changes to the files in your system directory. The latest version of this virus copies a programme and then registers it on your PC, so that it will automatically show you an error message when you try to run any programme on your PC.

How to identify Runtime Error 216 ?

By observing the symptoms mentioned below in the list, you can easily identify Runtime Error 216 on your PC:—

  • Your files will begin to disappear/appear.
  • Compared to regular speeds, files will start downloading at a slow rate.
  • Dialog boxes will automatically begin to appear.
  • The CD/DVD ROM can be ejected at any moment.
  • Without your permission, the audio files are played.

How to Correct Runtime Error 216

Runtime Error 216 can be a little bit confusing, but it is not hard to fix. Your very first step is to disconnect the internet connection from your system. But before disconnecting your internet connected PC, please make sure you have all the programmes that can help you detect trojans on your PC. I have listed some vital programmes that you will need to solve this problem below:—

1. Using Total System Care

Total System Care helps you to run a quick scan of the registry that helps you detect and repair errors. Once this programme has been successfully installed on your system, just open it and select the registry button and then scan for problems.

After you have completed the scanning process, carefully click the button to solve the selected problems. Your system will automatically start repairing all kinds of errors that are attacking your PC.

2. Using Kaspersky TDSSKiller

This is an anti-rootkit application that allows you to delete corrupted files from your PC. With the assistance of this programme, you simply have to start scanning your entire PC and the rest of the work will be done automatically. All the infected files will be found by Kaspersky TDSSKiller and deleted immediately from your PC.

Overall Conclusion

I know it is not an easy task to find errors on your PC, but you can do it easily with the help of the tools listed above.

If you have a problem then you can certainly leave a comment in the comment box below, I will try my best to resolve your doubts. Do not forget to share this article among your circle of friends as well…

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