The autofocus points of your Canon flip screen DSLR EOS 80D can play a crucial role when you shoot in a low light environment while using the flash to capture a frame. A focus flash red will be launched on the viewfinder, which will eventually create the autofocusing. But, for some users, these red AF points can turn out to be distracting. So, for their convenience, the Canon flip screen DSLR EOS 80D has given its users the option to turn them off. In addition, if the user needs to initiate the Autofocus when taking a shot in bright light, they can do that as well. The control which is responsible for changing this red light behavior in Autofocus is called the illumination of the VF Display. The settings are called in the autofocus section as Custom Function 15. Three choices are given to the user, which are:



The Canon EOS 80D will automatically switch on or off the red dot Autofocus after evaluating the ambient light when users have switched the Auto Red flashes into red. The Canon flip screen DSLR EOS 80D will turn the flash red when the ambient light is dim, and if the light is bright enough, the camera will turn the red light off.


When the user allows Red Glare, even though there is bright light, the red Autofocus points will be turned on. The red dot focus flash will be constantly switched on. If you find it helpful when taking photos, you can keep it turned on.


The flashing red AF points of the Canon vlogging camera EOS 80D will distract some users, as said above. So, when they find it inconvenient, they may turn it off. If the user chooses this, and when the user shoots in dim light with the Canon EOS 80D, the blinking red AF will be held off. However, it is important to remember that even if you disable flashing red Autofocus, whenever you use the AF area from which you can pick a specific zone or a specific point, the red AF points will show up. You won’t be able to tell which area the Canon EOS 80D vlogging camera focuses on without the red dots.

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