We will be addressing Runtime Error R6025 today. This error is effectively triggered when the Windows operating system unexpectedly terminates a programme. The computer screen shows an error log to assist the computer user in troubleshooting this problem.

If you have encountered an error displaying the message “Pure virtual function call runtime error R6025,” then it may be likely that the software you are using right now may be corrupt or need to be reinstalled.

What is the cause behind runtime error R6025?

This R6025 runtime error happens when a pure virtual member function is implicitly called by the programme into a communication where a call to that function is not true. When it is constructing the programme, the compiler then records the error.

Another explanation for this mistake is that often error happens precisely while your software is running, how you have written the code of your programme.

How to fix runtime error R6025 in your Pc?

Step 1. Firstly, close the programme that tells you the error in the runtime. Just press CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the Task Manager button.

Step 2. In that menu, select the Processes tab, and then choose “Image Name” again. Then, in the folder, check your programme and click on your programme and choose “End Process.”

Step 3. Close the Task Manager then, and then press the Start button. Click the control panel and select the “Uninstall a programme” option from the programme list. You’ve got to disable the software that sends you an error message.

Step 4. Click the Start button again and type clean ‘cleanmgr’ in the search box and click the Enter button again.

Step 5. Pick the drive where you have recently configured your software carefully. In that list, check all of the options and press OK, and then pick Delete files.

Step 6. After carefully executing the step above, simply restart your machine.

Step 7. Reinstall your programme on your machine again and open your programme to ensure that there is no runtime error on your computer screen again.

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