A computer can have both hardware and software. Computer hardware refers to a physical device, while computer software refers to computer software. Computer hardware and software both aid a computer to operate effectively.

The storage space available on a computer is a key factor in the installation of computer software. While some software is available for purchase, others are free to download. Helpdesk software has become a part of companies’ customer service strategies.

Software that helps companies communicate with customers and responds to customer issues is called help desk software. A business’s ability to communicate with its customers is crucial.

A company or business entity can also communicate with customers to answer their queries and complaints, and to deliver goods and services to them in an efficient manner.

Three types of free helpdesk software

Companies can choose from a wide range of helpdesk software. This article will highlight the top three helpdesk software.


This helpdesk software allows companies to reach customers through various communication channels. These channels include email, chat, social media handles, email, and phone. It’s software that companies can access for free and do not need to pay anything to use it.

Freshdesk software has some unique features that allow companies to quickly receive customer information and then respond to them. One of these features is the ability to respond quickly to tickets received via the helpdesk. These responses can also be automated using the Freshdesk software.

Automated ticket responses mean that customer service staff do not need to worry about unanswered tickets. The response will be automatically sent to the customer. However, in such cases, the customer’s question may not be answered immediately and the customer service representative who is familiar with the subject can reply directly to the customer.

Freshdesk also offers features like the ability to attach documents to customers as they reply to customer issues and the collaboration of tickets.

Zoho Desk

Another type of help desk software, Zoho Desk, is available for free to companies. It helps customers resolve their problems. It also offers great customer support features, such as providing top-quality customer service to customers. A company can also track the status of all tickets received by Zoho desk.

Customers are notified when tickets are resolved or pending by tracking their ticket statuses. If the ticket status has not been resolved, the customer service team should contact the customer to inform them that the company is concerned about their perception of the company.

It is important to follow up on tickets statuses because there are many other companies in this market. These companies also want to be competitive and win their customers. Companies should do everything possible to keep their customers happy by providing the best service they can.

Customer loyalty is based on the way the company treats them. A company must not only produce high-quality products but also establish good relationships with customers through all communication channels. They must ensure that calls, messages, and chats are answered promptly, that their social media accounts are updated frequently, and that complaints are dealt with to the best of their ability.

Teamwork Desk

This help desk software, as the name implies, is designed to connect the customer service team of a company to resolve customer issues. This software allows companies to share customer messages with other staff members. Because the work is distributed equally to all employees, messages can be answered faster.

The sharing feature, which allows companies to send customer messages to staff who are familiar with the topic. This prevents customers from getting confused by incorrect responses from staff unfamiliar with the topic.


A company should consider helpdesk software if it wants to improve how it serves customers. It is easy to get it and give your customers the service they deserve.

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