Windows operating system based failures are not limited to PCs, laptops, and mini-computers. When you are using a Windows Smartphone, you can even find a Windows bug. Mistake 805a8011 is one such error.

This is a Windows bug faced by many Windows Smartphone users. It is a very particular error that points to a Windows Store problem. When attempting to enter the Windows Store, or when trying to uninstall an app or upgrade, you are more likely to find an error. The mistake happens much of the time on Lumia phones such as lumia 530, lumia 535 etc.

The existence of error 805a8011 relates to many issues. Not only do you not connect to the Windows Store, all applications that have been enabled still fail to connect to the Internet. Accessing your texts and mail is now getting really hard. You will even reset your phone any time you want to enter the Windows App.

It is very important to point out that it is a safe product of the Windows Smartphone framework. It encrypts all device elements. Therefore, accessing the Windows Store requires a safe connection. This basically ensures that before something can be downloaded from the Windows App, the Windows Smartphone must be checked and its credential validated.

Anything that interferes with a protected link or an invalid certificate results in errors in connectivity, one of which is error code 805a8011.

Causes of Windows store error code 805a8011

  1. Syncing problems with your Microsoft account.
  2. Inaccurate time and date on your Smartphone.
  3. Issues in your Smartphone’s Internet connection.
  4. Insufficient storage space in your Smartphone.

How to fix Error code 805a8011 in Windows store

Depending on the source, correcting the 805a8011 error may be very easy or technical. Any steps and procedures that you may perform to repair the 805a8011 store error code are below.

Method 1 – Check Time and Date

The mistake can quickly be solved by basic housekeeping steps. Your first step should be to ensure the right time and date for your mobile. To set the right values, simply go to ‘Settings > Time and Date’. Try visiting the Windows Store to see whether the error is corrected or not.

Method 2 – Free Storage Space

To work at its optimal stage, your Smartphone needs free storage space. The lack of free space for computing impairs its usefulness.

In order to generate some free space, consider removing some data that is not required. Old emails, photographs, videos and music files may be such records. Until you access Windows Store again, do it to see whether or not this allows you to get rid of the error 805a8011.

Method 3 – Manual Synchronization

Since your Microsoft account can have trouble with synchronisation, you need to manually synchronise it to see whether the issue is fixed.

  • Open ‘Configuration.’
  • Click the ‘Email + Account’ icon.
  • Tap, and hold down, your Microsoft username.
  • Tap Sync before opening the Windows Store to see whether error 805a8011 fixes this.

Method 4 – Change Internet Connection

Error 805a8011 can quickly arise when there are difficulties with the Internet connectivity of your smartphone. Until entering the Windows Store, try switching from data to a Wi-Fi link or from Wi-Fi to a data connection to see if the error is fixed.

Method 5 – Create New Microsoft Account

The fact that the error is not fixed by the above methods which mean that your Microsoft account has problems. To solve the mistake, it may be beneficial to build a new account.

1. Please visit https:/
2. Signing up with a new account.
3. On your mobile, go to Configuration > Emails + Account > Add E-mail.
4. For your current Microsoft account, enter a new username and password and sign up.
5. Try visiting the Windows App to see if the error code 805a8011 is still present in the store.

Method 6 – Reset Smartphone

This could be the last choice to fix the 805a8011 mistake. It is equivalent to formatting a hard drive on a PC and downloading it. Therefore before embarking on resetting, it is mandatory that you backup all your relevant papers.

Two types of resets are available; soft and hard reset. If soft reset does not correct the error, it is recommended that you continue with soft reset before continuing to hard reset.

Soft Reset

Step 1. Only turn on your device.

Step 2. Push down and keep the Volume + Power button combination until you feel the handset vibrating. Remember that at any moment, the fingertips do not touch any aspect of the screen.

Step 3. Release the Volume + Power keys and the handset vibrates automatically.

Step 4. You can immediately restart your Mobile. Try visiting the Windows Store to see whether this addresses the 805a8011 error code issue or not.

Hard Reset

Your Smartphone’s rough reset is just formatting it. You turn it around to the condition in which it was when it left the plant.
You can hardly reset your Mobile in two directions. It depends on whether it is sensitive or unresponsive (if you can turn it on) (if it you cannot switch it on).

Resetting Responsive Phone

Step 1. Tap on “Settings”.

Step 2. Tap the “Restore your phone” icon.

Step 3. In response to the alerts you get, tap ‘Yeah’.

Step 4. It will immediately initiate the process of resetting. Keep patient, for it can take several minutes to complete the process.

After the reboot, your device can restart and you will need to start loading or upgrading all applications from the Windows Store again. The 805a8011 error does not occur anywhere.

Resetting Unresponsive Phone

1. Push down and keep the Volume + Power button combination until you feel the handset vibrating.

2. You automatically feel your Mobile vibrating by pressing down and holding the Volume button. An exclamation mark should be shown.

3. After the exclamation mark has emerged, click Volume up> Volume down> Power> Volume down one after another.

4. Your smartphone restarts immediately.

It will take some time for the procedure to end, and it is only fitting that you stay patient. On completion of the process, you would need to instal or upgrade all applications from the Windows Store. The 805a8011 error may not occur again.

It is still a smart thing to avoid errors from happening. One way to stop error code 805a8011 is to ensure at all times that it has ample storage space. To keep your mobile efficient, it is also a good idea to ensure that all device and programme updates are enabled.

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