If you are using a Windows 10 Lumia Series phone, then you may obtain an error code of 0x80073d0b. When you want to switch applications from internal memory to an SD Card, this error code pops up.

This error code has no real solution. But, we will share a few reasonable explanations that will help you understand why any time you attempt to switch software from internal storage to the SD card, you get this mistake.

Why am I Seeing Error Code 0x800730b?

Oh, no solution? Okay, but tell me why, at least, I see this mistake. Ok, when moving/installing applications to the SD card, you get 0x800730b error because:

Error code 0x80073d0b

Reason 1: You are trying to switch system apps: so you can get the error if you are trying to pass Inbuilt system apps. You’re not permitted to switch applications from the device.

Reason 2: The creator of the software would not authorise you to: You are not attempting to switch device applications, but apps from third parties such as Whatsapp. Why am I still having an error that you might ask for? This is because the app’s creator would not encourage users to add SD Cards with their built-in app.

What should I do to Get rid of Error 0x800730b?

Now that you know the reasons why you’ve seen this error message, let’s make sure you’re not seeing it again.

There is no real solution to it, as described above, except that you avoid trying to move the apps. The apps you are attempting to migrate to the SD card are not intended to run on removable memory. It is programmed and configured to run only on internal memory.

So, once you stop trying to switch applications that run only on internal memory, you can get rid of the 0x80073d0b error code on your Windows phone. Apps like Whatsapp are just for internal storage; by going through Options, but not the whole app, you can save photos and videos to the SD card.

You can see this error popping up on your computer each time you attempt to switch or update applications on your SD card.

Tip: Here is a small tip for the readers, Don’t Move apps to SD Card unless its necessary. Because moving the app to sd card will result in Slowing down of the app. The App will work slowly and will take time to respond.

That’s it, then. I’ve seen several people come up with this error code of 0x80073d0b, so I eventually wanted to clear the air. I typically post more than 2 solutions to a given error code, but this post is only for information purposes.

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