ITunes is very commonly used by Mac users, but in the software there are errors and issues with the great utility and usability. If you’re using iTunes on your Mac, so several error messages are likely to come in.

We’re going to talk more about one of the popular iTunes Error 45054 errors today. This error will pop up when you try to download music from iTunes or perform some XYZ tasks. Most possibly, the error message would read more like an unexplained error occurred (-45054) much like the picture below.

Reasons for iTunes Error 45054

There are many reasons for getting this error in iTunes but let us discuss only the most common ones.
  1. Outdated iTunes
  2. Corrupt System Files
  3. Internet Problems
  4. Disk permission
Ok So now that we know few of the many reasons that causes iTunes error 45054, Let us now jump in to see how can we fix this error.

Fixing iTunes Error 45054

Step 1: Let us first see whether or not your iTunes is obsolete. If you find that it hasn’t been upgraded to the new version, upgrade it and see if the mistake has been corrected.

Step 2: Well, now that your iTunes is checked and you still see the mistake, now make sure that there is no disruption of the communication. There are also chances of corrupt or defective device files triggering this Unexplained iTunes bug on your Mac.

Step 3: You have tried the most simple solutions to this error 45054 in the above 2 stages, so let’s explore how to solve the problem a little bit in advance. Your error could most likely be corrected by this move. To help us correct this itunes bug, you will be using the “Repair Disk Permission” option on your Mac.

All you have to do is easily navigate to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility by double-clicking the icon.

Now you can see your Mac hard disc in the left pane. Simply click it to highlight the two options:

  • Verify Disk permission and
  • Repair Disk permission.

We’ll be using Disk Authorization Repair here. If it’s over, merely re-open iTunes and see if it still holds Error 45054.

Step 4: You may have corrected the mistake by now, but if you are still reading this, that means you have not been able to fix the problem. Don’t worry, there is one more thing we have that can benefit you.

Re-installing iTunes from their official site is the only thing you should do. Re-installing would not only let you patch this particular mistake, but you will also get rid of several other iTunes glitches and bugs.

If any of the above measures enable you to repair iTunes Error 45054, please let us know in the comment box below. You are welcome to share it with us if you want to share some other form or process that helped you to correct this mistake.

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