If you are using the Xbox app on Windows 10, then you may get Error 0x89231806 if you want to try Group Chat. So you are shown “Your Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat [0x89231806]” any time you want to join a party. A little bit of testing reveals that more frequently than not, Xbox live and Xbox one players get this mistake.

Now, you can quickly find out that it’s connected to your network configuration when you see this mistake. To correct this bug, we’ll have to tweak certain network parameters. In order to correct this mistake, we will try to walk you through all the tweaks that you need to make.

Steps to Fix Xbox Error 0x89231806
I would like to thank Reddit user IonBlade for doing the hard work and shredding some light here before continuing with the steps listed below. I break this Post into two 1) Simple Steps and 2) Advance Steps to correct 0x89231806 defect. Let’s have a look at a couple of simple measures first.

Basic Steps to Fix Error 0x89231806

Step 1) Check and Import Xbox Beta from the Windows Store. Launch it until it’s finished and go to Settings. Go to Tab Network (which is not there in the release Xbox app). If you validate the settings, you’ll typically see an error message about problems with Teredo.

Step 2) First, we want to make sure your NIC has IPv6 enabled (Network Interface Controller). It is disabled several times, but you will use it for Party Chat and you will then get Error 0x89231806.

To allow IPv6, simply right-click the Start button on Windows and then click Network Connections. Choose your active link now, then right-click it to pick Assets. Scroll down a bit and, if not, check the mark to make sure IPv6 is allowed.

You are now expected to try to enter the group chat to see if you are still having the same error again until all measures are completed. Otherwise, carry on to the forward steps below.

Advance action to patch 0x89231806 error

Step 3) If the Windows firewall is disabled, you could get this 0x89231806 mistake. IPv6 tunnelling requires the Windows Firewall to connect, and this will create issues if the Firewall is disabled, since the connection is not created.
So you’ll need to check two things: a) Windows Firewall is set to start automatically, and b) Windows Firewall is correctly configured.

A) We need to check for Services.msc to make sure the Windows firewall is running. Select Enter, which opens a new browser. As seen in the image below, scroll down to Locate Windows Firewall and make sure that the Initialization Form is Automatic. If it is manual or disabled, just double-click it to make it automatic.

Windows firewall automatic

B) Once the Sure Firewall is working, we need to make sure that the Flawless Link is appropriately installed.

Find “Windows Firewall and Advanced Security” this time and open it. Right-click Advanced Security Windows Firewall from the upper-left pane. Click Properties, and now make sure that the Domain Profile, Private Profile and Public Profile Tabs firewall status is set to ON. Inbound links are blocked and outbound links are permitted.

Step 4) Now, if you have to change something from the setup above, then restart your machine and try and try if your Xbox still has Error 0x89231806.

Step 5) After IPv6 authentication is allowed and the firewall is properly started and setup, we now need to see if Microsoft is setting up the Teredo Tunnel.

To do this, right-click the Start button and click the Prompt command (Admin). Now sort “netsh interface teredo show state” Now make sure the form is Client, the name of the server is “win10.ipv6.microsoft.com” and the Eligible State is seen.

If the state is not eligible, that means that the tunnel is not built. You’ll need to reinstall Teredo to repair it. For guidance, go to the Configuration > Network tab of the Xbox Beta app, and then press the error message shown.

That’s too much hassle to patch to get rid of the 0x89231806 error on your Xbox, but it’s worth a try. This is the only solution we have tried to find so far. Let us know if you have managed to solve the problem using the measures above. If possible, we’re going to keep updating more solutions here.

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