The Windows error code 0x8007003b has hardly been listed, but it has become quite common. It occurs because most computer users who experience this error use Windows 8 OS or higher. The 0x8007003b error is typically followed by the “An unexpected network error has occurred” code.

It is important, as with all Windows errors, that you patch the 0x8007003b error as soon as possible. This is because it will cause the machine to start running slowly, as it is network-related. You can also note that certain configured programmes are not running properly.

When Does Error 0x8007003b Actually Occurs

Windows Error Code 0x8007003b is most likely to occur while copying a file from another device or server over a network. It occurs mostly when you attempt to transfer a big file, which is a 100MB file and above in most situations.

Just as below picture, the file will start transmitting very smoothly only to stop suddenly before the error and the accompanying message appears.

How to fix error 0x8007003b on Windows PC

Possible Causes of Windows Error 0x8007003b

While Windows Error 0x8007003b is a network dependent error, a variety of factors, including factors that are directly related to your device, can cause it. Some of the key factors that are noteworthy include, but not limited to;

  • Unstable access to the network, which can also restrict bandwidth.
  • A newly updated program/software that could have corrupted system files or misconfigured system configurations.
  • Interference with the built-in firewall and the anti-virus software you have installed.
  • Infection by virus/malware.
  • Destination formatting for installation/file transfer, which could have drawbacks.
  • Poor sectors in the destination folder, which is the hard disc in most situations.

How to Fix Error 0x8007003b in Windows

There is no single solution that resolves the 0x8007003b error in Windows. It depends on the specific cause on your computer, which may not necessarily be the same on the computer of another person. Therefore, before you find one that works for you, you may need to try out several solutions.

Solution 1: Check for Virus/Malware/Internet Connection

It is crucial to ensure that the health of your computer is in the right condition. It is also important to ascertain whether or not there are certain limitations on your computer.

To take care of viruses in the system, perform a full anti-virus scan.
Check to ensure that the network connection on your computer is robust and stable.
Try to determine whether the destination for the installation/file transfer (hard disc) is FAT32 or NTFS-formatted.

Note that there are limitations to the FAT32 formatting. In most cases, any installation/file transfer of more than 4GB can not be supported by the format. If a file you are attempting to move (copy) is actually more than 100MB, you will need to transfer it to parts to resolve the error.

After these basic troubleshooting measures, try to transfer a file that you have been transferring to find out if the error 0x8007003b is solved.

Solution 2: Disable Anti-Virus Program

Various errors, including error 0x8007003b in windows, may be caused by the installed anti-virus programme. In order to find out if the error is resolved, disable it for the period during which you transfer a file. Once you are, though, remember to allow it.

1. Right-click on the icon of the anti-virus programme.
2. Select Deactivate.
3. Before clicking OK, select how long the programme will remain disabled.

You need to open some anti-virus programmes and then disable them. So do what you need and try to transfer the files.

Solution 3: Disable Firewall

The built-in firewall may also interfere with a file being transferred smoothly. Disable it for the data transfer period to find out if the error is resolved by doing so.

1. To open the Run window, press a combination of Win + R keys.
2. In the window, type “Control Panel” before pressing ENTER.
3. Inside the control panel, select ‘System and Security.’
4. Look for the ‘On or Off Windows Firewall’ option on the right panel.
5. Select “Turn off Windows Firewall” just below the network location settings for “Home or Work.”

Disabling the Firewall will ensure that while transferring files over the network, it does not interrupt. If this fails to resolve the 0x8007003b error, you can skip to the next solution.

Solution 4: Run File Check Utility (SFC)

You may encounter a 0x8007003b error if you have recently installed a programme that may have corrupted some of the system files on your computer. You can easily find and repair all such files by running the built-in SFC utility.

1. To open up the settings app, press the Win + I key combination.

2. Click the ‘Update and Security’ button.

3. Click the ‘Recovery’ button.

4. Just under the advanced startup options, click ‘Restart Now.’

5. Click the “Troubleshoot” button.

6. To reboot your computer, click on “Command prompt.”

7. Use the command prompt to enter your username and password once your computer restarts. Note that on the computer you need to have administrative rights.

8. Type “wmic logicaldisk get deviceid, description (volume name).” This is important because it tells the SFC utility the location of the installation files for Windows.

9. Before pressing ENTER, type ‘sfc/scannow/offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=D\Windows’.

The scan should begin to run automatically. Once the scan is complete, close the prompt before clicking on ‘Continue’ to exit and return to Windows.

Try to transfer a file to find out if you can fix the 0x8007003b error by doing this.

Solution 5: Run Disk Check Utility (CHDSK)

Various Windows-related errors, including 0x8007003b, are caused by bad sectors on the hard disc of your computer. To repair any bad sections on it, you need to run the hard disc integrity check.

1. To open File Explorer, click.
2. Right-click to check the hard drive that you need.
3. “Please select “Properties”.
4. On the “Tools” tab, click.
5. Press the “Check” button.

The utility should start executing. Once the run is complete, click close, and no errors are reported.

Solution 6: Perform System Restore

This solution will work to resolve a Windows 0x8007003b error in the event that you have enabled it. This applies mainly if your computer is running on a Windows 10 OS that does not automatically have the feature enabled. Note that this feature can only be accessed in Windows 10 through the control panel and not through the settings app.

1. To open the Run window, press a combination of Win + R keys.
2. In the terminal, type “Control Panel” before pressing ENTER.
3. Click the ‘System’ button.
4. On the sidebar, click on ‘System Protection.’
5. When your computer has no problems, click on the previous date.

Your computer automatically re-boots. Note that after that date, you will lose any programmes and updates you may have installed. All your files will, however, remain intact. To find out if the error is resolved, try to transfer a file.

Any of these solutions should address your computer’s 0x8007003b error. Note that if the error persists, a new installation of the OS will need to be carried out.

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