Adjust Nikon D500 wedding photography settings

As an outstanding wedding camera, the Nikon D500 has definitely proven its value when it comes with a 58mm f/1.4 focus that takes some exceptional shots at weddings and receptions. Some of the elements that make Nikon D500 wedding photography a treat for everyone’s eyes are the outstanding build quality, perfect ergonomics, speedy capture, and insanely fast autofocus.

Customized settings for Nikon D500 wedding photography

Step 1.Setting the aperture

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - aperture

Wedding photography settings for the Nikon D500-aperture

  • It is advisable to hold the wide opening at f/5.6 to catch the moments of intimacy. This attention puts perfect emphasis on the bride and the groom’s movements and expressions. Use continuous shooting mode if you are planning to take several wedding shots, and simply keep the shutter button down.

However, candid events require different environments. Maintain the narrow aperture of f/14 upwards at such times.

  • Choose a wide opening such as f/2.8-f/5.6 if you want to catch the arrival, exit, and movements of guests around, which will retain a strong focus and the background will inevitably become slightly blurred.

Step 2.Setting the shutter speed

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - shutter speedNikon D500 wedding photography settings – shutter speed

  • Maintain just a sluggish shutter speed of 1/40 s for clicking such special occasions, such as vows and walking down the aisle.
  • Maintain a shutter speed of 1/250th of a second if you want to catch the candid images and moments of a wedding ceremony. Make sure you don’t go below because it’s going to make the picture blur more.

Try to hold to the shutter speed of 1/125th of a second when the couple is leaving.

  • Remember to be imaginative if you want to go ahead with a formal wedding shoot. The shutter speeds will keep things bright, which will be kept around 1/160s.

Step 3.Setting the ISO sensitivity

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - ISO speedNikon D500 wedding photography settings – ISO speed

  •   You can consider some ISO settings that will help you in getting the desired shot. Make use of a tripod for shooting the formal shots. Keep the ISO low at around 100, so that it keeps the grain to the minimum.

Step 4.Setting the flash

Nikon D500 wedding photography settings - flash

Wedding photography settings for Nikon D500-flash

  • Use a flash for a formal shot, thus holding the camera at a wide aperture and high shutter speed. These settings will preserve the appropriate amount of light.
  • Make sure that a nice effect is used by using the slow sync flash mode for a special case. You can be sure that the middle of the frame stays sharp with this. Using the flash on-camera.
  • Using Flash to get a candid shot. It will help to freeze the moment’s intent. This atmosphere captures funny and casual moments. Even, using a warming filter such as 81A is easier.
  • Use the flash, which will eventually retain the sharpness of the image, to catch the departure.
    Run away from the commotion to get a formal shot, and get a silhouette for a better shot. Switch the flash off. The multi-zone metering mode can be made use of.


Turn the mode dial to the Points TV or S mode to dramatically catch the special events. In case you want more strength, make use of additional pieces. Since it will ensure that the shutter stays open for a longer period of time to allow flooding in more light for better exposure, it is recommended to use slow sync.

What is the recommended equipment?

It is often recommended that you carry a spare camera body along while photographing a wedding ceremony. Along with a wide-angle lens, you can bring a telephoto zoom component that will give you the ability to move between the two easily. In addition, taking in new batteries will save you from a lot of problems. Separating flash units can have additional advantages over the built-in flashes. Wide gold and silver reflectors on the other side will ensure that adequate warmth is preserved.

Bottom line

Wedding photography comes over as a memory for a lifetime and as a photographer, one got to go through a lot of pressure. This is where keeping the above mentioned tips handy makes the whole task, a bit easier for you.


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