Nearly every business makes use of computers this day. Computers are used to record daily activities, communicate with clients, conduct business, and other functions. Imagine what could happen if the computers fail. This is not just about equipment damage and associated service fees, but also critical downtime that could lead to a significant business loss.

How can companies prevent this from happening? If your company cannot afford an IT admin team, you can hire a team of computer experts who will ensure that your computers are maintained at all times. This group of security professionals is known as Managed Service Providers (aka MSP).


MSPs can save enterprises

As mentioned earlier, MSPs assist enterprises that use computers to manage their IT infrastructure (computer systems) effectively. They do not visit the site, but they do so remotely. They are charged a monthly fee to maintain the network’s computer systems on a proactive basis.

Technically, MSPs specialize in remote monitoring and management (RMM), of enterprise networks using relevant RMM tools.

The Business Model MSP(s), Adopt

Two business models are common for MSPs. The managed contracts are the break/fix model and the one that is used by MSPs. Break/fix MSPs will charge clients on the spot. This applies to every break they provide. They will charge by the hour they work and equipment replacement. Instead of charging you for each break in your network, managed contract MSPs will charge a monthly fee.

The benefits of using MSP(s).

MSPs are a great option for companies that lack the technical knowledge required to maintain their IT infrastructure. MSPs are able to mitigate security threats, extend the life of your network devices and reduce the overall load on your network. They can also monitor and control your network 24/7. Let’s look at some other benefits MSPs offer.

  1. Higher Productivity: A bank or hospital can only work efficiently if their computers are in good working order. The less downtime an organization has, the greater its productivity. Enterprises without technical knowledge can reap the benefits of MSP providers.
  2. The administration is easy: MSPs will make your administrative tasks much easier. MSPs will take care of all network-related issues so you can focus on your business. Your administrators will be greatly benefited by the services offered by an MSP.
  3. Disaster Prevention – This is the last benefit we want to mention. This is the ultimate goal of MSP(s). MSP(s) will not only help prevent disasters by taking proactive security measures, but they’ll also keep your network ready for the worst. MSP will ensure that your IT infrastructure is ‘disaster-ready.

Let’s sum up:

  • MSP stands to Managed Service Providers
  • MSPs manage enterprise network infrastructures
  • RMM tools are used by MSPs to manage enterprise network infrastructures
  • MSPs use both ‘break/fix and managed contract’ business models.
  • MSPs can improve enterprise productivity and help prevent network catastrophes
  • MSPs help enterprises be ‘disaster-ready.

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