How to Access Another Computer On The Same Network?


Remotely accessing another computer is a lot easier to achieve now that the internet is more available than ever. There are a couple of ways for you to remotely access another computer. However, we’ve only gathered two of the most commonly used ways to access a computer remotely.

1. Remote Access Software – Remote Access software allows users to access their computers remotely from a remote location. The user can use the remote computer just like he’s sitting right in front of it. The user can control the remote computer by using the keyboard and mouse.

remote-access software must be downloaded on both the local and remote computers before it can establish a connection between them. After it has been installed on both sides, the remote computer must first provide the credentials to connect to the remote PCdevice.

It’s also important to remember that not all of these tools are free. Some can cost a little more. Remote access software is still cited as the best and most reliable remote access solution.

2. Windows Remote Desktop Connection – Windows Remote Desktop Connection, also known as RDC, is a Microsoft-built-in feature that can be found on all Windows-running computers. It works in the same way as remote access software. Users can access another computer remotely from a remote device.

This feature is free because it’s a standard feature. Windows RDC can only be used within the same network. It can be difficult for someone to connect using RDC on a different network. This is because it requires additional steps such as exposing one’s device or setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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