You can configure the ‘Relay interface to allow users who are not able to access managed domains to send mails. You can also configure Office 365 to manage mails.

  • SMPTRelay
  • Office365 Check

SMPT Relay

KoruMail lets you define IP addresses from which users can send emails to those who are not on your mail server.

  • Click on ‘SMTP > ‘Relay’ then the ‘IP Based’ tab

This screen lets you add one IP address, multiple IP addresses, or an IP address class.

  • Enter the IP address, range, or class details into the box under “IP Range” and then click the button.

The IP address will then be displayed.

  • Click the button to remove an address.
  • To confirm the deletion, click ‘OK.

Manage Office365

Korumail can route inbound emails sent to your domain to Office 365. You can set up rules to control inbound and expound emails.

To configure Office 365 support:

  • Click ‘SMTP > ‘Relay,’ then a tab called ‘Office 365 check’
  • Click ‘Copy’ to select the domains that you wish to integrate with Office 365.
  • Click “Save”.
  • For a comprehensive overview of Office 365 integration, see’Korumail Office 365 Integrator’

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