Monitor the Virus Database and Update Programs

  • Click on ‘Tasks > General Tasks > ‘Update.

It is essential that your virus database stays current in order to ensure effective and continuous antivirus protection. You can download updates Manually Or Automatically

Prerequisite – To download updates, you must be connected to an internet connection.

Manually verify for the most recent virus and program updates

  • Click on ‘Tasks > General Tasks’
  • Click on the “Update” tile:

If they are available, signature updates are first downloaded

The updater checks for web filter, VirusScope and program updates.

CIS will ask for confirmation to update the following dialog.

  • To begin installation, click ‘Yes’

To complete the upgrade, you will need to restart your computer. You have two options: restart immediately or wait until later.

Automatic updates

Comodo Internet Security checks for program and database updates and automatically downloads them. These settings can be modified in Settings > General Settings > Updates.

Comodo Antivirus can be configured to automatically download updates before an on-demand scan. For more information, see Scan Profiles.

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