Click ‘Settings’ > ‘Firewall’ > ‘Network Zones’

  • A network zone can be a single machine, such as a home computer that is connected to the internet, or a large network with thousands of machines. The panel allows you to grant or deny access to any network zone.
  • You can configure the network zones panel.
  • Network connections alerts
  • Trusted network areas that you wish to allow
  • You want to remove untrusted network areas

Open Network Zones panel

  • On the CIS homepage screen, click ‘Settings.
  • Click ‘Firewall’ > ‘Network Zones’.


Network Monitoring Options

  • Enable automatic identification of private networks The firewall monitors attempts to connect to any new wired and wireless network. (Default = Enabled). If you’re an experienced user who wishes to set up your own trusted networks, deactivate this option.
  • Disabled The alert is displayed. Choose the right network type to connect to. CIS will optimize your firewall’s security and usability based upon your selection.
  • Enabled The alert is not displayed. Now you will need to choose a default network type, either ‘Home’ or ‘Work’. CIS will automatically apply the network type you choose to all new connections.


  • If you’re an experienced user who wishes to set up their own trusted networks, select ‘Do Not Detect New Networks Again’. This can be done in, ‘Network Zones’ and through the Stealth Ports Wizard.

There are two tabs on the panel:

  • Network zones – Define network areas with restricted access rights. The Application interface defines the access rights that an application can have. For more information, see Create and Modify Firewall Rules.
  • Block Zones – Define networks that cannot be trusted. All connections to blocked areas will be denied by CIS.

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