Comodo Antivirus For Mac


Appendix 1: CCS for Mac Tutorials

The guide’s ‘How to …’ section contains information about key tasks for Comodo Client Security.
Click the links below for each tutorial’s page.

  • How to Automatically or Manually Scan Your Computer for Viruses
  • View Antivirus Reports How to view logs created by the virus scanner
  • Configure Database Upgrades – Indicate how you want virus signature updates to be handled
  • Set up security levels quickly – How to disable or enable real-time virus scanning
  • CCS Language Settings: Change the language in the CCS interface
  • Get an Instant Antivirus Scan on Selected Items. How to run custom scans of specific items and areas
  • Scheduled Scan: Set up a scheduled virus scan that runs at regular intervals
  • Restore Incorrectly Quarantined Items – Return quarantined files back to their original locations
  • Stop Notifications and Alerts with Silent Mode. This allows you to turn off notifications and alerts during critical tasks.

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