When preparing for a test, we study extensively. To assess our knowledge in our area of interest, we take a test. This test is also applicable for network security. Network assessments are performed by administrators to assess the condition of the network. Your approach will determine how network assessments can help your company.

Some tools are used by network administrators to conduct network assessments. These tools are also known as network monitoring software or network assessment tools. This is how network assessment exercises are conducted today.

In the next section, you will find out what a network evaluation is. It is also important to conduct network assessments.

What is Network Assessment?

Let’s start by talking about computer networks. Computer networks are groups of computers that share information.

There are many types of computer networks.

  • LAN (Local Area Network).
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network).
  • PAN (Personal Area Network).
  • CAN (Campus Area Network).
  • GAN (Global Area Network).
  • Internet (International Network).
  • Intranet (Internal Network).
  • Extranet (External Network).
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Client/Server Network
  • Workgroup Network

We won’t get into the details of each network type here. A computer network is a collection of computers connected to each other that share data. Evaluation is synonymous with assessment. We can get a sense of what network assessment is by looking at the definitions of “network” or “assessment”.

Network assessment refers to the evaluation of a computer network or system. This is also known as a network assessment exercise. How network assessments can help your business. In the next section, you will learn the importance of network assessments.

Network Assessments are essential

Network assessments are a way to assess the current state of your network. Neglecting to assess the status of your network is like inviting danger. Regular network assessments are recommended.

These are just a few of the benefits that network assessment exercises can bring to your benefit:

Network Assessment Exercises: How they can help you #1

A network assessment can help you determine which equipment is still in use. This is an important task. This will let you know which parts of your network need to be repaired or maintained. This is the hardware component of a computer.

What Network Assessment Exercises Can Do for You #2

A network assessment can help you identify the factors that slow down your network. It could be a poorly configured router or an application that consumes bandwidth. Administrators of networks want the best settings possible. No one wants slow internet connections.

What Network Assessment Exercises Can Do for You?

When conducting a network audit, you can discover outdated software. This is important as outdated software can lead to security breaches. Security breaches can be prevented by keeping your applications up-to-date. Your applications will be kept up-to-date by a good patch management system.

What Network Assessment Exercises Can Do for You

It is possible to determine which hardware or software component requires proper configuration.

A network assessment will reveal any misconfigurations in the system. This can lead to security breaches. These misconfigurations can be exploited by an attacker to compromise your network.

How Network Assessment Exercises Can Help You #5

A network assessment will help you comply with security standards. This will help you identify which security policies need attention and how to fix them. Sometimes, the problem lies with the implementation of security policies. Human error can also occur here.

#6 How Network Assessment Exercises Can Help You

A network assessment can help you identify vulnerabilities in your system. Vulnerability is a sign that your system is weak. These weaknesses can be exploited by cybercriminals to their advantage. These vulnerabilities can be identified in advance so you are able to avoid them.

Network Assessment Exercises: How they can help you #7

This will allow you to identify the department within your network that requires more resources. A network assessment can help you determine where more resources should be allocated. It will show you which departments have more internet access than others. You can also give them priority when using certain applications.


Now you know what a network assessment is. Now you understand is. Click here to learn more about network assessment.

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