Remote desktop works by sending encrypted data packets from a host to a remote computer over the internet. The transmitted data includes information about the screen of the host computer, so it almost shares its screen with a remote machine. Remote desktop software reduces bandwidth by compressing the data.

Remote access to a system requires that the remote desktop software be configured on both the host (the local computer that controls the connection) as well as the client/target (the remote machine you wish to access). The remote desktop software opens a new window on your computer with a detailed view of the target computer when you connect successfully to the target computer.

The remote desktop software can be maximized by the target computer to fill its entire screen, depending on what screen resolutions are available on your computer and the target’s computer. This makes it appear that the remote computer is present in the same space as the service technician.

Best Remote Desktop Software for MSP & Enterprises

The remote desktop program allows companies to share files, access other devices, and collaborate from almost anywhere.

Remote desktop software is used mainly by corporate employees who telecommute or work from home. Remote desktop software is also available to IT support teams. It allows them to remotely monitor and manage their devices.

#Benefits for MSPs

MSPs offer day-to-day IT services to clients. MSPs are not like traditional IT providers who charge clients hourly or fix issues per issue. They work with their clients to offer a proactive service that minimizes the likelihood of problems.

MSPs can monitor, protect and provide support for their customers’ computers and networks using the remote desktop program.

#Benefits for Enterprises

Nearly all businesses face the challenge of ensuring that their employees have access to secure, stable computers while on the move. Employees are increasingly looking for easy ways to access their files and apps, as a result of the BYOD policy. Remote desktop software is a great solution. Employees can access their files and apps via remote desktop software.

Remote desktop software is a boon for enterprises as it allows them to remotely manage their mobile devices. It enforces encryption, security policies, and predefined actions.

Enterprises don’t need to worry about security issues like poor data storage, insufficient encryption, or data leakage during data sync.

Compare and Review the Best Remote Desktop Software 2021

You are looking for the Best Remote Desktop Software for your Business? Read on to find out the most popular remote access software.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager Alternative

  1. ITarian Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  2. TeamViewer
  3. LogMeIn
  4. GoToMyPC
  5. Join. Me

#1 ITarian RMM

ITarian RMM, which is part of the ITarian offering, allows IT administrators to remotely monitor and manage endpoints. It offers many features in one neatly organized console.

ITarian RMM allows IT directors to remotely manage employees, work areas, mobile devices, and applications. It also examines the execution of information and produces patches, updates, or administration designs as quickly as possible.

ITarian provides RMM as part of its ITarian IT Management Suite.


TeamViewer is a popular remote desktop software that many companies use. TeamViewer allows remote access to a system on any platform or technology.

TeamViewer is available in thirty languages and offers 256-bit encryption. It also supports two-factor authentication and session passwords to increase security.

#3 LogMeIn

LogMeIn, similar to TeamViewer is remote access management and software that can be used across a range of platforms. You will find 1TB of file storage and LastPass password managers for managing passwords. LogMeIn includes SSL/TLS security for added security.

LogMeIn Pro also offers access and collaboration tools. LogMeIn Pro allows individuals, small businesses, and IT professionals to remotely manage and access computers.

#4 GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC, another remote desktop program, allows remote access to Mac and Windows computers from any location in the world. It’s easy to install and allows file transfers between computers.

GoToMyPC supports multi-monitor connectivity and allows users to copy/paste files between connected computers.

#5 Join. Me

Join. Me, another remote desktop program, is ideal for small businesses on a limited budget. It allows remote collaboration and meeting at an affordable price.

In just a few mouse clicks, you can add more users from all over the globe. Join. Me remote desktop software is easy to integrate with Office 365, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

The remote desktop software will improve your business’ efficiency and assist your IT team with maintaining large networks of computers. ITarian RMM is a part of the ITarian IT management suite and offers many cost options. ITarian is available today to enjoy many benefits.