Network Assessment


Assess your networks, identify vulnerabilities, and generate risk reports

Italian Network Assessment Tool simplifies your job by:

  • Administrators can perform deep scans of client networks to find a variety of server, endpoint, and network vulnerabilities.
  • Automated preparation of detailed risk reports on scanned networks and a plan for risk mitigation containing specific advice to address each issue
  • A wizard allows users to import networks via Active Directory Workgroup, Workgroup, or IP range. It is easy to set up and use.


A network assessment can be used to refer to a variety of things within the network device context. This could refer to the analysis of network devices to determine which ones are outdated. It could also be used to describe the evaluation of network performance, review of network architecture, and a security assessment for network devices (including configurations that are compliant with security standards, bugs, and vulnerabilities). A network assessment can also refer to the inventory of network devices that are used to determine which network devices are present on the network. Network assessment could also be defined as applications, operating systems, and servers.


Device Manager is an applet that runs in Control Panel. It allows you to see and control all hardware connected to your OS. Device Manager helps you identify any hardware malfunction and allows you to enable/disable devices, supply device drivers, view other technical properties, and so on.

The preparation phase

It is crucial to prepare for the actual network assessment before it takes place. This saves you time and money. For setting expectations, preparation includes planning the length and scope of the assessment. This stage includes things such as enabling SNMP to network devices to conduct a network assessment.

Perform the network assessment

Network assessment requires a variety of tools. These tools fall under different categories.

  • Analysis and inventory of network connections.
  • Assessment of network performance
  • Security assessment
  • The post-assessment recommendations and reports

After the network assessment has been completed, the data gathered must be analyzed. These reports will include recommendations such as the replacement of obsolete devices or other changes. You can use some tools to create reports.

A detailed report of 18 discovery tasks will help you assess your overall risk position. It does not require any agents or installs.

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