Globally, business leaders appreciate reduced costs and improved efficiency, which allows them to make a better decision. The new era of business intelligence policy, which relies on data analysis, has been launched. Although most business leaders expect this to help them improve their business operations, very few consider the full impact of business intelligence.

Vulnerabilities in BI Safety research

The fundamental security is that if you leave data unattended, it will cause you sufficient damage. If you gather sufficient data and generate them on a large scale, a mechanism must be in place to keep them safe. Business intelligence and data analysis are no longer related to 1s and 0s but to sensitive information which is always vulnerable to cybercriminal attacks. If the hackers have stolen analysed information, imagine when they have the key for the entire process, where they can hijack the entire system. It’s like a thief walking into a car garage to steal a few replacement parts and swindles the entire car out of the dealership’s store.

Ensure the best options for cloud

The first thing to protect is the very functional Business Intelligence tool and it requires close protection. Almost every company considers cloud as an important part of its business and analytical strategy, given the concern for safety. Business intelligence with the cloud option is an economic way to use information strategically, but cloud providers need to establish an appropriate approach that demonstrates how they secure data. If an internal audit discusses the safety aspect and provides you with a secondary protection layer, this will be an added advantage.

Encrypting data

Understanding that hackers are always more interested in Business Intelligence, one should make sure the data is secure when it is unravelled. The data must be encrypted before it is stored or transmitted to another person and the hacker will look elsewhere. The IBM Z machine enables you to quickly encrypt massive data, almost 12 billion transactions a day. When you ignore this, you will pay a heavy price for the breach.

If you can segment your data storage and network, it can be a strategic move, because strong data can be secure. If a hacker may reach a page, they can not move to the next one since the access medium is not accessible.

Authenticate Access and Permission

Business intelligence is a powerful tool, and responsibility comes with power, which could cause catastrophe if power falls into the wrong hand. Therefore, exposure to a limited number is always good, even where you feel it is safe to share with all employees or shareholders. Ensure that items are shared for management or supervision purposes. Check the function of every user who will work on a BI module or page.

Safety of information and BI

Many business leaders agree that corporate intelligence is about gaining insight into their companies, but most don’t expect BI to be used for protection. Business Intelligence can use data to analyze network anomalies, network vulnerabilities, technical problems and other issues. It can be used as a problem solver in real time, and you can track the information when it enters the system and leaves your business. Every suspicious activity can therefore be monitored and regulated. We can quote Equifax’s breach, which the standards could not be followed up on and which resulted in such serious results that millions of consumers ‘ personal information and data were exposed.

Once the core goal of business intelligence has been achieved and the results show, don’t go back to your old pre-BI strategy. With a legacy system, you will not automatically produce better results and the data can be exposed to attacks. At the end of the day, companies maintain and succeed by maintaining a tight shield between business intelligence and security.

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