Patch Management Software

ITarianPatchManager allows Managed Service Providers to manage and deploy OS and software updates from network endpoints. It provides a user-friendly, central interface that allows you to patch vulnerabilities remotely.


  • Reduces time required to update patches on desktops and servers
  • Reduces security risks and improves service performance
  • Notifies you when and how to
  • Easy user interface
  • ItarianPatch Management Software can handle all versions of Windows, including Win 10, Win 8, Win 8.1, and Win 7, Windows Vista Gold, Vista Gold, Windows XP, Windows XP Gold, and Windows 2000.

Cloud Management Suite Patch Manager

Cloud Management Suite provides patch management solutions with automatic vulnerability management, patch installation, and up-to-date security updates.


  • Automates security patches and software updates from third parties.
  • The remote control allows the user to access any device from anywhere.
    Your organization’s systems
  • Software distribution can be done locally using bandwidth-efficient technology
  • Two-Factor Authentication

ConnectWise Automate from ConnectWise

ConnectWise Automate delivers automatic IT support Tasks. Connectwise automate provides Third Party Patch Management as an extension to Automate’s Microsoft Update. This allows third-party applications to receive patches to fix vulnerabilities and protect them from attacks.


  • Management of Desktops & Servers
  • High-efficiency production system
  • The remote management system that can be automated
  • The integrated virtualization manager allows multiple hosts and virtual machines to monitor Hyper V(r), infrastructure.

Kaseya VSA by Kaseya

Kaseya helps to increase team efficiency. It provides tools and the associated platform to implement policies, deliver instant solutions to complex software, and automate patch deployment.


  • Automated patch deployment
  • Patch Compliance
  • Flexible Configuration
  • It’s simple and quick.


SysAid Patch Management makes sure that Windows-based servers, as well as PCs, are regularly updated.


It’s easy and quick to set up

  • Absolute Automated Patch Management
  • The configuration that is efficient
  • Scalability increases

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine’s Patch Engine Plus delivers automatic patch updates for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It detects and automatically downloads missing patches. It ensures that patches are tested before deployment. For a better visibility, robust audits and reports are provided. Cross-platform patching is also available to users.


  • Streamlined Patch Management Solutions, with advanced analytics and audits.
  • Complete patch management reports and end-to-end tracking
  • As per your business’s requirements, delivers custom-made deployment policies

GFI LanGuard from GFI Software

GFI LanGuard is a robust patch management system that allows administrators to find, deploy and manage security patches for all supported operating systems and applications. It can scan networks for vulnerabilities and alert you if they are discovered. It offers Patch Management capabilities for Windows, Mac OS(r), and Linux. GFI LanGuard has the knowledge and equipment to perform vulnerability assessments to assess your network security and identify risks.


  • It provides a patch management solution that fixes vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
  • It provides network auditing and central analysis of the business network.

SolarWinds Patch Manager

It can manage Windows Servers & Workstations patching, Third-Party Software Patch Management, and Patch Deployments using Advanced Scheduling & Rebooting. It automates patching and reporting. This reduces security risks. A patch manager is also equipped to ensure patch compliance.


  • Simple to use patch management system
  • Services are not interrupted for long
  • Regular and controlled patch updates
  • To help users understand patch status provides summary patch compliance reports

Shavlik by Ivanti

It provides patch management solutions for Linux and Unix workstations, Mac workstations, the data center, as well as other OSes, and third-party apps. It provides patch management and vulnerability assessment across the entire organization. It automates vulnerability assessment and patch management across the entire organization network. It ensures compliance and helps to assess and secure servers and systems to comply with the PCI Security Standards.


  • Protects Linux, UNIX, and Mac-based systems
  • PCI Compliance
  • Remote Patch Management

Automox by Automox

It provides efficient patch updates to increase your compliance and security. It provides automated remediation, Cross-Platform OS Patching, and Third-Party Software Patching. It ensures that the organization’s infrastructure is continuously monitored and secure compliance. It provides 360-degree patching control to meet all your patching needs.


  • 100% Cloud-based automated patch management
  • Compliance with the Policy
  • Complete control over patching
  • Continuous Monitoring of Compliance to Security Threats

ANSA by Autonomic Software

This patch management component is fully integrated and was designed to provide McAfee ePO customers with a solution for managing Windows and Mac updates, including third-party and third-party applications for desktops and laptops.


  • Delivers patches for small and large business organizations
  • As per security timelines, patches are repaired
  • This allows for cost reduction, administrative time savings, and maximizes efforts.
  • Schedule patches and reports Windows- and Mac-based applications

Ecora Software – Auditor Enterprise

Ecora Patch Manager provides a quick patch management solution that creates a safer environment. It provides a single platform for instant scans to ensure that accurate patch analysis is performed and reports are generated. It ensures compliance with the PCI security standards. It centralizes system identification and patch evaluation, as well as installation on workstations and servers of the organization.


  • Easy installation that automatically identifies workstations and servers
  • Provides scheduled patches updates
  • Delivers third-party Windows-based patches

Server Manager by Avanti

Ivanti provides an automated and simplified patch management solution for all servers. It scans the system for missing patches on third-party apps, Oses, and servers, both physical and virtual – further reducing potential vulnerabilities.


  • The interface is simple to use
  • Complete patch management system
  • Check for missing patches before you deploy them


ITarian’s patch management software provides a solid experience that gives Managed Service Providers and administrators full control over the deployment and monitoring of operating system updates and third-party applications on network endpoints. Administrators and MSPs can automate patch management using an easy-to-use IT operating platform interface. This ensures that software is always up-to-date.

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