Remote access refers to the ability from far away to access a computer or device, as well as a network.

Remote Access: Why do you need it?

Employees working in an enterprise may require access to other devices, computers, and servers to meet business needs. To monitor and troubleshoot any issues, system administrators might need access to employee devices. Remote Access allows for immediate resolution of any issue and faster response to business needs.

Remote Access has many benefits

  • Remote administration – Monitoring and controlling devices connected to the network
  • Remote troubleshooting is faster
  • Files located on servers or devices connected to the network can be accessed
  • Different users can have different access rights to folders and files.
  • Access to files faster allows for quicker and more efficient business responses

Remote Desktop

A remote desktop is a remote-access software tool that allows you to connect to another computer, device, or network.

Remote Access to Files

Remote access is the ability to access files on other devices, computers, or servers connected via the network. Based on your business needs, you can define the rights and privileges that allow access to specific folders and devices.

ITarian Remote Access and Control allow administrators and technicians to remotely manage desktops, servers, and mobile devices. This allows them to solve more problems faster. They can remotely review performance data, roll out updates and configure service configurations, and roll out patches to fix issues.

Auto-Adjusts View

ITarian automatically provides the highest quality connection. No matter if you have a high-bandwidth LAN or a low-bandwidth mobile connection, the visuals will adjust to give the best representation.

Support for Short-Cut Keys

You can use major short-cut keys to ensure that you can work efficiently and quickly even when connected from remote locations.

What is Latency?

You won’t be surprised if you are unable to see the connection strength or its consequences with session latency statistics in real-time during remote control sessions.

Check out Multiple Monitors

With the powerful interface, you can see all screens on remote endpoints with no configuration. There are no additional steps.

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