Windows Server 2018 disables remote desktops by default. This feature is disabled by default in Windows Server 2018. This guide will show you how to Enable Remote Desktop on Windows Server.

Steps to enable Remote Desktop on Windows

  1. Open Server Manager by opening the Start menu. If Server Manager doesn’t appear in the Start window, you can type it into the search box. Important to remember is that Server Manager opens automatically when you log into the GUI.
  2. On the left side of the Server Manager window, click on the Local Server. You’ll notice Remote Desktop has defaulted here.
  3. Select the text Disabled. This will bring up the System Properties window under the Remote tab.
  4. On the System Properties window, click on Allow remote Desktop Connections to This Computer. You can also search the System Properties using a PowerShell or Command Prompt terminal. Simply type in SystemPropertiesRemote.
  5. A warning message will appear once the Allow remote connections to the computer option are selected. This message will tell you to follow the Windows firewall rules.
  6. To proceed, click on OK
  7. To select users who can access your system via Remote desktop, click on Select Users.
  8. To close the System Properties menu, click on the OK button.
  9. Remote Desktop may still be disabled in the Server Manager. To refresh the Server Manager window, press F5 on your keyboard until it appears as enabled.

That’s it. After you have completed these steps, Remote Desktop will be available on Windows Server. Now you can enjoy greater connectivity and have access to all your files, data, and apps.