There are a lot of reasons for your PC to encrypt files and folders. If your super secret and sensitive files need to be locked away from any unwanted entry. The bulk of your data is freely stored on your computer’s local disc drives. This will lead to you getting some privacy concerns.

That’s why you need some tools for file encryption to conceal your data within your drives in a secure location so that only you can access them. We have used different encryption tools for the same, and right now we have a list of the best Windows 10 2020 encryption software on the market.

Best Encryption Software For Windows 10 of 2020


It’s a nice encryption application that will encrypt every file on your computer. It is the leading software for open source file encryption available for Windows in 2020. It can blend with the user interface of Windows to make encryption and decryption simpler.


DiskCryotior is another 2020 Windows 10 open source file encryption programme that will encrypt the disc partitions, or the local disc drives, in other terms. It also provides device partition encryption. However, I have concerns about the long-term encryption advantages of the open source code of this project.


With improved encryption algorithms, VeraCrypt can encrypt files that are a lot harder to resolve without the decryption key. In order to gain access to encrypted files, this function makes it resistant to brute force and other malicious attacks.

Dekart Private Disk

DeKart has its own firewall that offers excellent malware , viruses, spyware, and trojan security. Without thinking about viruses and other automated risks, this feature lets you encrypt your data.


7-zip is a well-known method to compress big files in 2020. Many people don’t realise, though, that this added 7-zip feature will encrypt the files as well. It’s very simple file encryption programme for Windows 10 of 2020 that also includes file compression, so it can save some space on your hard drive for sure. All you have to do is set up a compression wizard password.


Gpg4win is a Windows 10 file protection programme application for 2020 that is designed to transfer encrypted emails and data. It will encrypt the files and also includes a digital signature to guarantee that when it enters the intended customer, the file is not changed. To have secure coding, it supports OpenPGP and the S / MIME system.

Windows 10 Device Encryption

Until one of my friends told me about it, I was not aware of this built-in Windows 10 encryption software on Windows itself. You need to log into your Windows account to access it. A recovery key will be submitted to Microsoft servers when you sign in. By going to Machine > About > Computer Encryption, you can then encrypt your files.


BitLocker is a fully-fledged Windows 10 2020 encryption programme with specialised functionality. By encrypting whole volumes on your PC, it is built in such a way that it can secure all your data. By default, it uses an AES encryption algorithm that can be modified to a 128-bit or 256-bit key XTS, whichever you want.

Symantec Drive Encryption

It is a transparent Windows PC file encryption programme. It will secure the files from unauthorised access. It offers local self-recovery, one-time tokens with few file recovery options.

Rohos Mini Drive

On your USB drive, it produces a secret and encrypted partition. So if you are lying on your pen drive to hold confidential information and data, this method will allow you to make them more secure by encrypting them.


We have arrived at the end of this chart. As they are extremely reputable and used by many, we firmly recommend using one of these file encryption applications for Windows 10 in 2020. Get a marvellous day.

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