Everything’s going digital in today’s world, but you may note that the paper hasn’t gone anywhere. We also have stacks of paper copies, books, bills, invoices, and much more to deal with on a regular basis. So, how can you hold up the paper with the latest technical changes? This is where the program of the OCR comes in. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which enables handwritten or printed documents to be digitized.

Simply put, A OCR Program is a tool for translating your handwritten text, pictures, into a digital form. Occasionally, we have a book or bill that was written or printed several years ago, and now you want it in a digital way without retyping it. In that case, OCR Program can be very useful. So, without further ado, let’s step straight to the end. Here are the best free OCR apps to cover your printed papers in a digital form:-


Readiris is the best OCR program with incredibly strong features and you can use this app without a lot of effort. It supports multiple file formats and comes with many attractive features that make the conversion process easier. With the support of Readiris, you can load images from connected devices, such as scanners, and you can change processing parameters, such as DPI Parameter settings. So, once the processing is complete, Readiris sets the text zones for you, and then you can edit them easily. Readiris has a cloud-saving feature that allows you to save your processed files to various storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. In Short, Readiris is the best OCR app you need to use to digitize your hard paper prints.

Features :-

  • Convert your own PDFs.
  • Build an indexed PDF file.
  • Scan the collection of papers.
  • A streamlined guide for this.

Microsoft OneNote OCR

For some specific OCR needs, you can use the Microsoft OneNote OCR feature that helps you to perform some simple OCR functions. There is a function known as “Copy Text from Image” that allows us to copy the text of the image. The code is very quick and very clean. The simplicity of OneNote OCR makes it special, and you just need to insert a photo, click copy text from the image option, and OneNote OCR will do the rest. All you need to do is open the file and then paste it into the Microsoft word or some other software. It does not support tables and columns, however. In short, Microsoft OneNote is a free OCR app that lets you transform printed text to a digital form.

Make sure your PC or Mac meets the device specifications before you start.


SimpleOCR is a convenient tool for converting hard copy of printed text to digital text files. If you have a lot of printed text documents and want them to be transformed into an editable text form, then SimpleOCR is the best option for you. Also, a free spell checker is available to check for any spelling errors in the converted text files. You may also set up a program to read a document directly from your scanner. Same as Microsoft OneNote, SimpleOCR does not support tables and columns. In short, SimpleOCR is the best free OCR program to convert your printed text to an editable text type, but the only drawback is that there are certain limitations on the extraction of handwritten text.


FreeOCR is the only OCR app that uses the Tesseract Engine that was developed by HP and is now maintained by Google. Tesseract is one of the best engines used in OCR technology and is considered to be the most effective OCR technology in the world. FreeOCR supports TWAIN tools such as digital cameras and scanners. In addition, it supports all sorts of file formats and you can use the program to remove text from an image file. In short, FreeOCR is another best free OCR software and, just like other OCR software, it doesn’t support tables and columns.


  • Automatic scan cleaning to enhance OCR consistency.
  • Scanning updates for the scanner make / models.
  • Multi-page scan of the Twain.
  • Improved PDF accessibility for PDF Open feature.


This is it! These are the best free OCR apps to convert your printed text to a digital type. I hope this article has helped you find the right OCR applications you’re searching for. Also, if you like our story, feel free to share it with others. At Last, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to communicate with us via the comment box.

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