Tap the “App Lock” button on your home screen

  • App lock allows you to stop other users from opening your apps or games without your permission.
  • This feature allows you to lock any app behind a unique pattern.
  • You must enable the ‘Draw over Android apps’ and Usage data access permissions for CMS in Android to use this feature.
  • Premium license holders only have access to App Lock. To see the full list of features included with each type of license, please visitĀ Upgrade Your CMS Account.

Configure App Lock

  • Open Comodo Mobile Security
  • Log in to your account
  • Tap “App Lock” on the CMS home screen
  • You will be taken directly to the permissions page
  • Allow the display to be enabled for other apps
  • Make your lock pattern, and then confirm it.
  • Tap “OK”.
  • Next, select which apps you want to secure with the pattern.
  • To grant CMS access to ‘Usage Data Access’, click ‘Enable’. This is required for the app lock feature to work correctly
  • If you have already enabled CMS permissions, this step can be skipped
  • In the permissions screen, enable ‘Permit usage Access’ for Comodo Mobile Security
  • In the app selection screen, select the apps that you wish to protect using the pattern.
  • App Lock has been enabled for the selected apps

Manage App Lock settings

  • Open Comodo Mobile Security
  • Log in to your account
  • Tap “App Lock” on the CMS home screen
  • You can use the switches to disable or enable the lock for certain apps
  • To configure additional settings, touch the settings icon in the top-right
  • Disable or Enable – Turn the pattern lock on/off
  • Reset Passcode Pattern Click here to change the pattern.
  • Activate Administrator Prevents unauthorized removal of the CMS application. To uninstall CMS, you will need device admin permission if enabled.
  • Timeout before Locking – This is the time that your device should be locked before you enable the lock-off option. It can be set to 5 seconds (default), 30 seconds, 1 minute, or until the screen locks.


Reset forgotten pattern

Enter a security code that was sent to you by email to reset the app lock.

  • Tap ‘Forgot passcode? If you forgot the pattern, click here
  • We will send you the security code via email to your address
  • As explained above, you can now create a brand new pattern.

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