Google Teams up to Fight Bad Android Apps with Security Firms


Google announced a partnership this week with several security solutions providers to combat bad Android ecosystem applications.

The App Defense Alliance is a partnership of Google, EST, Lookout, and Zimperium. The goal is rapidly to identify and take the necessary steps against potentially harmful applications (PHAs) and to ensure that the Google Play Store is a safe place for every user.

With more than 2.5 billion Android devices, the platform attracts threats that misuse users ‘ trust.

Google integrates the Google Play Protect detection system into the newly announced project with partner scanning machines, in order to try and identify bad applications prior to their publication in the store.

“This will generate new risk intelligence for apps that will be released. Partners will analyze that dataset and act as an important eyebrow before an app goes live on the Play Store, “says Google.

This will not only use the resources of Google Play Protect, but also the technology of the partners to improve efficiency in detecting potentially harmful applications, says Google, adding that they have chosen such partners by hand.

The Google Play Protect (GPP) Scanner Services can be requested by the App Protection Alliance members for software testing and the system sends scan results directly to the partner. With this shared partnership GPP can also submit queries to and receive feedback from partners ‘ scanner services.

A two-way partnership, says Google, will create new device risk intelligence through the immediate sharing of information on threats and new samples.

“The exchange of information and business cooperation are important aspects of preventing attacks on the planet. We believe that working together is the ultimate way to overcome bad actors, “says the Internet search giant.

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