If you Use Windows Live Mail to Send and receive your Emails then you might get Error 0x8007007A. Windows live Mail (WLM) is a utility for Windows users to manage emails and email accounts.

Currently, There is a Conflict between Live Mail and One Drive and which is why lots of users are facing Error ID 0x8007007A while Sending Emails. The Majority of the lot get the error while sending emails with Images in it.

The Images that you send in the mail are uploaded on OneDrive(Earlier Skydrive) (Earlier Skydrive). But Recently Windows live users are not able to send pictures in the Mail because of the Conflict. Users are not allowed to Send Pictures as Album, but you can always send them as Attachment. Each Time User tries, A Window will Display An unknown error Occurred. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A.

There is an Easy Work around to Fix this error 0x8007007A in Windows live mail. If you are someone with the similar issue then just keep Reading, and you will find a Solution to the problem. For those who can’t even send Emails with just text, We have you covered too. Read on..

Fixing Windows live Mail error 0x8007007A

Method 1: Send Images as Attachment, not Album

This method is for those who are struggling with an error code while sending Images in mail. Simply read the measures below.
Step 1: Write a new e-mail to deliver.

Step 2: Please press Insert.

Step 3: Now, press File Connect (Paper Clip Icon).

Step 4: Navigate to the screenshot that you want to append, and pick it.

Step 5: Congrats, now as an attachment you have your needed pic. Submit it easily. This time around no 0x8007007A bug.

Simply follow Steps 1,2 and 3 as stated above for users who wish to send several images in one document, and then do this: click on any image you want to send, hold down the Ctrl key, and also pick other images.

Method 2: Erase Pending Outbox Addresses.

This solution is for those who receive an error of 0x8007007A in live Windows mail when sending basic text messages.

Anything that you have to do here,

  • Just go to Outbox.
  • Pick emails that have pictures added to them as albums.
  • Delete ALL of them (Take backup if important).

Now, write your text message that you need to deliver by writing a new email. Go ahead and send it, you should not get any errors this time, and without any complications, the email should go in.

That’s it folks; I decided to cover this because I could see plenty of people dealing with a mistake of 0x8007007A. The concern is with the photos uploaded to One Drive. While the answer is very easy, or should I say, operating around it as you know it now.

Let us know if this page lets you patch this error in Windows Live, and we’d like to hear from you. If you have some other way to solve this issue, please feel free to share it with us in the following comments.

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