Have you ever lost any files in your computer? This arises way too much. Sometimes it is only because you are not cautious enough and sometimes, due to technological difficulties, accidental deletion of certain files will occur. None of the files are ever completely deleted, though. If you remove photographs, records or other objects, the machine lists them for overwriting purposes. But once the lost file takes the place of someone else, you will actually restore it. Oh, just how?

Nothing is completely erased from the hard drive; it can just be overwritten. Since the files are valuable, the machine has no ability to overwrite them. Through removing these files, whether they’re photographs, notes, videos or songs, you give the privilege. However it is hard to restore them, even though they are not permanently lost, and you need advanced tools for this work. And that’s where Windows’ Stellar Data Recovery falls in.

What is the Stellar Data Recovery for Windows?

It is software built to help you navigate and restore lost data, folders, partitions that are incomplete or corrupt and even hard drives that are formatted. This app operates with a storage medium of some kind, like flash cards, CDs and DVDs, USB thumb drives, etc. Stellar Data Recovery for Windows searches for secret files on memory media and helps you to preview them until they are recovered. There are two scanning types, Simple Scan and Deep Scan, the latter being comparatively faster and but a little less meticulous. Also in severely corrupt storage media, Deep Scan scans for file signatures. It is also capable of recovering raw knowledge. Start downloading Stellar Free Data Recovery Software now!

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows find and recover?

Ok, pretty nearly that. We will fail to identify file forms that cannot be found or retrieved by this software. Deleted data, addresses, and partitions, formatted hard drives, optical media and so on and so on are dealt with. Virtually any sort of photograph, audio, video, internet, folder, copy, Office records, databases and other files may be found and recovered-if it is still there, it can locate it.

Stellar Data Recovery is a secure technological solution that can help you retrieve missing files from your Windows PC. By merely selecting a file form and executing a search, you can restore lost or damaged content.

This software will search only unique, user-defined areas for content on the entire device or goal. You can pinpoint it and send it to a protected location after finding possibly recoverable information.

Only carry on reading if you want to find out more about Stellar Data Recovery. We pledge that we will keep it succinct and short.

Download Stellar Data Recovery

The device criteria of Stellar Data Recovery

If you want to save yourself some time and hassle, testing the device specifications of software before running it on your PC is important. That way you will know for sure whether or not the utility will operate on your PC at a glance. Provided you’re acquainted with the specs of your PC, that is.

Let’s see the requirements your machine has to fulfill to operate this tool without further ado:

    • Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    • Architecture: Runs both on 32-bit and 64-bit systems
    • Processor: Pentium CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB RAM recommended
    • Space: 250 MB HDD space required for installing the program

Notice that the section of the design was not in the official req. sys. Because we tried this software on a Windows 10 64-bit machine and it worked flawlessly, we’ve included it for clarity. Additionally, to save recovered data, you will require more than 250 MB of HDD capacity. For this process, you may also use an external HDD, flash USB drive or other external storage media.

Stellar Data Recovery free 

Sadly, without a paying authorization, you cannot use Stellar Data Recovery to the maximum potential on your device. You have to spend top dollar if you want to search your PC for missing or deleted data and restore them.

There is however, an appraisal version accessible for you to test and trial. On the drawback, it’s a demo rather than a trial, as we’ve described above. There’s no time limit on it, but it will just define and display you theoretically recoverable information.

You’ll have to supply the software with a working license if you want to really retrieve the listed records.

How to install Stellar Data Recovery?

Only go ahead and boot it, hoping you have no difficulty installing the installer executable. The installation phase of Stellar Data Recovery is uncomplicated, so even PC novices can manage it.

You only need to run a lot of simple operations after starting it. This includes accepting the End User License Agreement, specifying the destination route on your PC, selecting the Start Menu shortcut folder name, and configuring the creation of shortcuts.

You will be questioned at the end of the configuration whether or not you like Stellar Data Recovery to run post-install automatically.

Is it hard to use?

You may get a little intimidated if you read the name “Stellar Data Recovery for Windows,” assuming that you would require an IT diploma to operate this app, but that is not the case at all. In reality, you might claim that it is actually simple to use this program-it is incredibly user-friendly.

The installation will take a few minutes. You can see the facade of the Stellar Data Recovery for Screens, a minimalist window with 6 key choices, until it is done. Office records, directories, emails, images, audio and videos are also included. You can see a pleasant choice for All data” above all of these which simply checks all the boxes in the window. When you have made your decision, press “Next and pick where the software should be scanned. Then just press “Scan” and it will start the operation.

At first, you can go for a “Quick scan” which is positively quick. “If the file you’re looking for doesn’t show up, go with the option “Deep Scan. A basic table presents the findings. You can see a simple folder on the left side, where the software has located the files. If you know where the file was, you can search the results by file form or by quickly scrolling through the folders. A search tool is also open, conveniently placed in the top right corner.

Previewing is another fascinating feature. This functionality has several related programmers, but usually it doesn’t show all the formats. Any file recovery applications, for instance, enable photos to be previewed, but do not allow peeking at PDFs. Stellar Data Recovery for Windows helps you to easily analyses DOCx, PPT, XLSX, photos, PDFs, etc. There are very few files that cannot be previewed by this software. Currently, it will even preview audio clips, helping you to listen easily, which is what you need to make a recovery decision. This is a really handy function that allows determining if that specific file needs recovery.

And then you go on to recovery, which is quick enough Just press the “Recover” icon, which is where you want it to be. Notoriously easy, it is. But there is a catch: only in a recorded edition is recovery available. Prices start at $79.99 for Stellar Data Recovery for Windows. It comes with free technological assistance, which its users are highly known for.

It is very quick to use Stellar Data Recovery for Windows. This is largely attributed to a minimalistic style that avoids any sort of complex graphic designs, thankfully. Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is user-friendly and does not use technological jargon and unnecessary details to drive the user down. It goes right to the corporation where it can be seen by anyone.

Sleek, minimalistic interface

Speaking of user-friendliness, you can see the gui of Stellar Data Recovery. It is minimalistic, but not in a negative way at all. The architecture looks modern, tidy, and a neat fashion organizes its intuitive functionality.

When you first start it you will be informed by the software what data you plan to restore. There is no misunderstanding, you only pick the file categories you are able to search for and recover them finally.

Bear in mind that narrowing the number of outcomes can lead to a faster check. If you pick the all box in the file form selection window, it might take a long time to search.

Handy data recovery tool

To tie things up, if you’ve been a PC user for a while now, odds are that at least once in your life, you’ve lost papers. Or abruptly, the records wanted to corrupt themselves. Either way, Stellar Data Recovery might prove to be a trustworthy assistant in these unfortunate circumstances.

You may use this software to try to seamlessly restore missing or damaged information. Simply specify the categories of files you want to restore, have an estimated position for the tool, and let it do the hard work for you.

And if a free trial is provided by Stellar Data Recovery, you can only access a collection of recoverable files. You’ll need to buy a certificate if you want to really recover them.

About Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery, located online at StellarInfo.com, is an organization that claims its mission is to build “committed to help you regain your lost data so that your life becomes easy.” software to help you recover your lost data so that your life becomes easy.

How Does It Work?

At some stage, most enterprises and individual users have encountered a sort of loss of computer records. It is a terrible occurrence that can always cause a significant domino effect in troubles and issues.

This firm says that with smart, quick software that includes data recovery and device repair and optimization, they want to solve the issue of data recovery.

A broad range of possible data loss concerns are covered by their program type, including Disk Recovery, Mac Tools, Email Tools, Email Replacement, Email Converter, Database Repair, File Repair, Windows Tools, Media Tools, Password Recovery, and all of these variants.

Cost/Price Plans

Since Stellar Data Recovery provides quite a broad selection of devices working with multiple specific issues and working on several different operating systems, their costs range from $39 for more simple applications to $599 for more difficult apps.

Refund Policy

At this point, no reimbursement strategy seems to be published on the general website concerning future returns or refunds.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to share their issues, suggestions, or grievances with Customer Care will do so by emailing Support@StellarInfo.com, calling 877-778-6087, or referring them directly their page.


Unfortunately, this business manufactures too many different goods, and each has its general credibility and status, but Stellar Data Recovery is typically well known in its sector.

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