What gaming headset should i buy?

Headsets are different from your speakers in the following ways:

  • Filter sound directly into your ears
  • Offers a microphone to communicate while playing

Speakers do not accept both of these functions. Headsets are the perfect choice for top-of-the-line sound output when playing sports. In addition, relative to high-quality speaker systems that can also cost about $200 and beyond, they are budget-friendly.

It’s better to pick a game headset over speakers if you don’t want to interrupt the rest of your household while playing and want a better sound quality.

How gaming headsets are different from normal headsets?

You may be curious that you need headphones designed especially for gaming. Those three characteristics describe everything:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency of sound
  • Efficiency of microphones

You always need a headset for lengthy, stressful game sessions that you can wear for longer hours. Your regular headset will work, but we’re sure it won’t provide you an immersive experience that can be given by gaming headsets.

Why is it important to choose the right type of headsets?

For each game, you don’t need a headset. For games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, however, you need specific directional sound indications to win. For games like Dota 2, Multiplayer Online Battle Area (MOBA), and League of Legends, it’s a bonus for gamers to have excellent sound quality through headsets.

Any way, whatever the cause, you’ll still want to invest in a decent headset for your video games.

How to choose the right gaming headset?

From shooting to racing games, sound plays an important role in winning. For this, you always need the right gaming headsets. If you don’t know how to choose the right one for you, let us help you.

Determine your platform

Whenever you’re purchasing a headset, ask yourself for which platform you need it:

  • Headset for Playstation
  • Headset for PC
  • Headset for Xbox
  • Headset for Nintendo switch

Your preference will be influenced by the gaming platform.

On all systems, headphones with a 3.5mm connection are fine. However, you should bear in mind that since the consoles are software-dependent, these headphones would not respond to all the features of your console. Digital Surround, for instance.

Sony has its own gaming headphones for the PlayStation 4: Sony Playstation Portable Gold and Platinum gaming headsets. When paired with the console, these headphones are fully compliant with game-specific audio profiles and other features, including 7.1 virtual surround sound.

However, you require an extra cable and separate headphone connector to make it functional if you plan to use these console headsets with the Xbox One. Make sure that you purchase a headset that fully fits your game console.

wireless vs wired gaming headsetwireless vs wired gaming headset

Wired vs wireless gaming headsets

The second thing you need to consider is whether you need wired or wireless headsets. Most wireless and wired gaming headsets should work seamlessly with the Nintendo Switch.

Wired gaming headset

The great thing about wired headphones is that they don’t have to be paid, and you don’t have to sit before you play for hours. Your wired headphone, usually a 3.5 mm connection to your microphone or amplifier, depends on the physical connection.


  • You connect the headset with the station and you’re ready to play.
  • These are a lot lighter in comparison to wireless headsets.


  • The length of the cable is not that too long.
  • Cables can wear and tear over time.

Wireless gaming headset

These are compact, you can carry them anywhere and all the time you can use them. As they’re sleeker, they take up less space. You don’t have a twisted cord to think about. The bad thing about the portable headphones is that before using it, they have to be paid. This needs batteries, making it heavier for your headphones. Many wireless gaming headsets usually take an hour to get charged and have 7-8 hours of battery backup.

Open or closed headset

open vs closed gaming headset

Open vs Locked Headphones for Games
Bad insulation from the noise will make you lose your game. In games like Counter-Stike: Global Offensive and Battlefield of PlayerUnknown, where directional audio signals are very important for winning the game, this is particularly true.

Go for a closed game headset or one with a passive noise isolation option if you don’t want to hear distracting noises from your room when playing. For full immersion and concentration, these headsets cut you off from the outside world. You can hear the smallest information with a closed game headset, even in loud surroundings. In summer, though, these headsets can feel clammy.

However, you can purchase an open gaming headset if you want to be vigilant of your surroundings too. These, in the warm weather, are breathable and sweet.


You ought to have a built-in microphone to connect with your team if you’re a player. Many gaming headsets come with either unidirectional or omnidirectional in-built boom microphones.

Omnidirectional microphones appear to pick up sounds from the surrounding field, prompting the teammates to clatter.

Unidirectional sounds, however, come with features for noise cancellation. This results in your fellow colleagues talking in crystal clarity. Off-axis signals are rejected by uni-directional mics, creating crisp and consistent sounds. Here is a short collection of microphone headphones for games.


This is something that you can realize for a lengthy time when using your headphones. You will still want to purchase a headset that you can use without feeling bored for hours. You need to purchase a headset with the following characteristics to experience comfort:

Look at the material used in the ear cups and headband.

Leather cups are a bit costly, but when you use them for longer hours, they can become clammy.
The headband isn’t supposed to be too tight for your head to start aching.

In this case, look for a lightweight headset that won’t compromise your comfort.

We hope that this article will help you to purchase the headset you’re looking for. Only note, purchase the headphone that fits your needs at all times. Share your questions with us if you have any feelings or sense something you like to explain!

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