How to Setup 3d Glasses for Samsung Smart TV. Best Samsung 3d Glasses?

So, you have a smart Samsung TV and you enjoy watching your favorite programs or web series while playing these awesome games as well. But, are you really missing anything out here? Do you love the 3D experience you can get with your smart Samsung TV? If the response is, here is how the Samsung TV 3D glasses can be configured.

Types of 3D glasses for Samsung tv and how to charge them?

First of all, there are two types of 3D glasses:

  • Rechargeable
  • Battery operated

Rechargeable Samsung 3d Glasses

You get a cable with the former, with the aid of which you can charge it over and over again. In the upper center of the 3D lenses, between the liquid crystal shutters, is the infrared receiver of these glasses. How to charge these glasses now? To charge, attach one end of the supplied cable to a USB port, this port can belong to a TV or a PC, and then connect the remaining end of the cable to a Micro USB port available on the 3D glasses. The USB port you are going to use may be a 2.0 port. Now, as long as your television or your personal computer is running, these Samsung 3D glasses will fee.

Battery Operated Samsung 3d Glasses

The second form of 3D glasses is those powered by batteries. With the aid of the power button on the 3D glasses, you can know when to charge these ones. The glasses have an LED and if this LED is blinking constantly, it means that the battery is very low and you need to replace it. And after pressing the power button, if you do not see the light flickering, then you need to quickly replace the batteries as they are completely drained. Another thing to remember here is that you can use one for substitution and no other Lithium Manganese Dioxide.


How to use these 3D glasses for Samsung tv?

 First, you need to change the Samsung Smart TV setting to use the 3D glasses. Set it to the 3D model and press the power button on the 3D glasses continuously for at least 2-3 seconds until you’re done with it. The LED on this power button will remain on, which indicates that your Samsung TV 3D glasses are ready to be used. Also, the glasses’ lens can darken a little. And if you have forgotten to change your TV settings, the glasses’ power-saving mode will automatically turn on to avoid power consumption.

All you need to do is push the power button continuously for 2-3 seconds after using it when you want to turn off your 3D glasses, and the LED on this power button will blink 3 times until the 3D glasses are turned off. Also, after 2-3 minutes, once you have used them for a while, if you have already switched off the 3D feature in your Samsung smart tv, the 3D glasses will automatically turn off.

How to pair Samsung 3d glasses?

Pairing is the method of the connection of two devices to each other. So if you find that your 3D glasses do not work, then there is a risk that they do not work because they need to be paired up. Now follow the steps given below for this:

  1. Turn on your Samsung smart TV and make sure your Samsung smart TV is within 19.5 inches of your 3D glasses.
  2. Next, turn on your Samsung 3D glasses by momentarily pressing the power button. Now that the 3D glasses have been powered up, they can start pairing up with your own Samsung smart TV.
  3. You will come to know if the 3D glasses have paired the message that will come up on the TV screen with the Samsung smart tv. If you see a message saying “3D glasses are connected to the TV” on your TV screen, then the glasses have successfully paired up with the TV, and if you don’t see any such message, you need to turn off your 3D glasses and the Samsung smart TV and try again after switching them both on.

One thing to remember here is that even after you have matched them successfully with the Samsung smart TV, if your glasses do not fit, it means you will need to get them fixed. And if you are trying to stream a 3D video on another Samsung 3D television, you may need to fix it.


How can you check the view range of your samsung 3D glasses?

With the aid of the Emitter, contact between the TV and the 3D glasses for Samsung TV is achieved. Therefore, to render their contact obstacle-free, you should not put something in front of the emitter. The distance between the two, the emitter and the glasses must also be less than 6 meters, but they can function properly only then.

How to check the emitter’s functioning on Samsung 3d glasses?

This emitter’s LED can be found on the Samsung Smart TV’s bottom left corner. If the transmission by the emitter is handled correctly, this LED displays a red color. But there is a catch; due to its wavelength, the human eye is not able to see the red emission from this LED. So how can this be checked? You will need a digital camera for this, which can also function with the one available on your cell phone. If the emitter functions correctly and transmits correctly, once you attempt to catch this LED with your phone camera, you will be able to see a red dot on the mobile screen.

So most of the information on how to set up 3D glasses on Samsung TV has been covered in this post. You can visit the official Samsung Smart TV site for more information.

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